Members Of The Attack On Titan Scout Regiment With The Most Deaths

Miche Zacharius: 7 Titans

Attack On Titan

Although not quite as skilled as Captain Levi, Section Commander Miche Zacharius is regarded as the Scout Regiment’s most formidable fighter. His extraordinary smell awareness and ODM abilities have enabled him to accomplish his remarkable stats.

Zacharius has been in the game for a lot longer than the others, therefore the seven Titans he has slain on-screen might be a small fraction of the real amount. Sadly, he runs upon the Beast Titan, who devours Zacharius and snatches his equipment before stealing his own life.

Mikasa Ackerman: 16 Titans & 5 Humans

Attack On Titan

Without a doubt, Mikasa Ackerman is among the best Titan killers of all time. Senior officers included, she already dwarfs practically everyone in the Scout Regiment. The only thing that can match her unbreakable resolve is her agility and tactical intelligence.

Mikasa’s sixteen killings are carried out in the most extraordinary manner, astounding onlookers and winning their admiration. Four of the five killings she is accountable for involve members of the Anti-Personnel Control Squad. In the manga’s last panel, Attack on Titan ultimately pays tribute to her character arc.

The Armored & Colossal Titans: Countless Human Deaths

Attack On Titan

As a member of the Scout Regiment, Reiner Braun has slain one Titan, a figure that is greatly inflated in terms of human deaths. Like his companion, Bertolt Hoover also murdered a single Titan, but as the Colossal Titan, he undoubtedly caused the deaths of countless others.

It’s interesting to see that Armin Arlert hasn’t killed a single Titan despite obtaining the Colossal Titan. But he struggles with guilt over the deaths of far too many people. Not to mention the unintentional Titan fatalities he causes each time he transforms.

Captain Levi Ackerman: 58+ Titans 12 People

Attack On Titan

Three things combine to make Levi Ackerman strong: his small stature, which allows him to move incredibly quickly; his insatiable desire to slay Titans, which rivals Eren’s; and his intimidating yet nuanced swordsmanship.

Captain Levi still holds the human world record for most Titans he has killed (58+). In the course of the story, he had murdered over a dozen individuals. Thankfully, after the battle is over, he never has to waste another minute killing people.

Eren Yeager: 23 Titans & Millions Of Humans

Attack On Titan

In human form, Eren Yeager has only killed one Titan. However, if you exclude the brutal killing of the Smiling Titan by using the Founder’s voice as leverage, there are a whopping 23 in all. It’s not surprising that Eren wants to kill the Titans whenever he gets the chance given how much he despises them.

Furthermore, he starts organizing his schedule without consulting any members of the Scout Regiment. But when it comes to people, Eren has wreaked untold havoc and death. especially after he unleashes the Rumbling, a global calamity.