Release Information For Chapter 362 Of Black Clover

Black Clover Chapter 362 Launch Date

On Sunday, June 18, Black Clover chapter 362 will be made available to most fans worldwide. The chapter will, however, be made available to Japanese citizens on Monday, June 19, at 12 am JST.

The following dates and hours will see the international publication of Black Clover chapter 362:

  • Time in Pacific Standard: 7 am, Sunday, June 18
  • Time in Central Standard: 9 am, Sunday, June 18
  • Time in Eastern Standard: 10 am, Sunday, June 18
  • Time in British Standard: 3 pm, Sunday, June 18
  • Time in Central European: 4 pm, Sunday, June 18
  • Time in Indian Standard: 8:30 pm, Sunday, June 18
  • Time in Philippine Standard: 11 pm, Sunday, June 18
  • Time in Australia Central Standard: 12:30 am, Monday, June 19

Recap Of Black Clover Chapter 361

Black Clover

The Final Force, chapter 361 of Black Clover, had Lucius displaying his new talent. Lucius could now clone himself after acquiring body, blood, and bone magic in addition to his soul magic. He then assembled a Luciuse army and attacked the Clover Kingdom.

When they arrived in the Witch’s Forest, the Black Bulls asked the Witch Queen where Asta was. When the Witch Queen learned of their arrival, she let them know that Asta was still alive, but she was in a far-off distant country. At that point, Dorothy Unsworth, the captain of the Coral Peacocks, appeared and joined forces with Findral and the witches. They then concocted a compound magic spell that could enable them to see whomever they desired.

Spoilers For Black Clover Chapter 362

The Black Bulls will probably contact Asta in Black Clover chapter 362. They ought to be able to communicate with him, even though it is unclear how the compound magic spell operates. Asta may therefore visit the Clover Kingdom again in the following chapter to prepare for his impending conflict.

If Ryudo Ryuya and the Ryuzen Seven visit the Clover Kingdom, such information might also be revealed in the upcoming chapter. There is a significant likelihood that they will unite with Asta and fight alongside him since Lucius is posing a threat to the entire globe.

Where To Read?

The manga is accessible via a number of websites, including MangaPlus and Viz Media.