10 Best Isekai Manhwa with OP MC that Will Blow Your Mind in 2024 (Ranked)

Isekai Manhwa

Isekai is one of the most trending genres right now, whether you talk about anime, manga, or manhwa. Most of the Isekai Manhwa feature overpowered main characters who have some sort of special ability. As a result, fans were always looking for some of the best isekai manhwa with OP MC to read.

The only reason behind the popularity of the Isekai genre is the relatable main character, whom we all think is similar to us. Just like us, they are very ordinary guys at first who later got some cheating skills in a fantasy world and are living a life that we all dream of living.

However, reincarnation is impossible in the real world, but you will feel the same experience while reading these isekai manhwas with OP MC. So without any further delay, let’s get straight to this amazing list and grab something magnificent to read.

Note: Each of these Isekai Manhwa with OP MC is ranked according to their fans’ popularity, isekai elements, and the power level of their main characters, regardless of their ratings and readerships.

10 Best Isekai Manhwa With OP MC To Read

10. I Shall Live as a Prince

Isekai Manhwa
Source: I Shall Live as a Prince Manhwa

Number of Chapter: 84 (Finished in 2022)

The isekai manhwa with OP MC depicts the story of Jin, an ordinary guy who had a very difficult life in modern Tokyo. One day, he was unfortunately brought back to the Joseon Dynasty and born as the younger brother of King Yeonsan.

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At first, he got into so much trouble because of his cruel brother and was not able to live his new life to the fullest. However, Jin gradually got all the authority and used his royal power as he wished to eventually change the historical events.

9. Her Summon 

Isekai Manhwa
Source: Her Summon Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 117 (Finished in 2021)

Her Summon is one of the best isekai manhwa with Op MC and follows the story of Jin-kyung, an otaku guy. He locked himself in his living room, had no connection to the world, and even had no friends. Jin just spends his time playing several video games and making 2D friends or virtual friends.

Three years later, he is summoned to another world by an exceptionally beautiful girl who needs his help. Now, it’s very interesting to read what type of help she needed and why she chose him. 

8. How to Use a Returner 

Isekai Manhwa
Source: How to Use a Returner Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 88 (Still Ongoing)

Just like the name suggests, the series features Giyoung, an overpowered main character who is exceptionally good at using a returner. Giyoung is trapped in the deadliest game, in which he has the lowest fighting skills.

However, he had one special ability that allowed him to read the status of others, which he used very well. As a result, he decided to team up with a returner to use his special ability along with the returner’s strength to clear the game. 

7. Dungeon Reset 

Isekai Manhwa
Source: Dungeon Reset Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 186 (Finished in 2023)

Dungeon Reset is another great isekai manhwa with OP MC that features a wide range of monsters. It depicts the thrilling adventure of Dawoon, an ordinary guy with no fighting skills who is summoned to the deadliest Dungeon.

Now, he needs to clear the deadly game filled with formidable monsters and mysterious traps by just using his creativity. However, he unfortunately got some rare skills that proved to be the greatest skill for him in the game. 

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6. Hero has Returned 

Isekai Manhwa
Source: Hero has Returned Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 70 (finished in 2023)

As its name suggests, Hero Has Returned depicts the excellent comeback story of the most powerful hero, Sungin Kim. While fighting against countless formidable demons who come from a mysterious Dungeon, all of the heroes lose their lives except Sungin.

Later, he also died but eventually awakened 20 years later as an ordinary high school student. Now, it’s the second chance for him to save the world and prove himself as the true hero of humanity.

5. Devil Sword King: Best Isekai Manhwa With OP MC For Action

Isekai Manhwa With OP MC
Source: Devil Sword King Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 329 (finished in 2022)

Devil Sword King is one of the best isekai manhwa with OP MC to read, especially for action lovers. It follows the story of a young guy who is living two lives together. In the real world, he is just an ordinary guy who is attending high school and living an enjoyable life.

While he lives his second life in a fantasy world as a skilled martial artist, He is not just a martial artist, but also an exceptional swordsman who enjoys facing powerful opponents. 

4. Player: Best Gaming Isekai Manhwa With OP MC

Isekai Manhwa With OP MC
Source: Player Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 183 (Still Ongoing)

The series revolves around Heo Seol Jin, a handsome guy who belongs to a special class called “Player.” The special class is only given to those people who always break the rules.

As a result, the god decided to play with him and began controlling his body to create conflicts with others. It seems like the god is playing some sort of game, and his game character is Jin himself. 

3. The Greatest Estate Developer

Isekai Manhwa
Source: The Greatest Estate Developer Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 112 (Still Ongoing)

The series follows the journey of Suho Kim, a civil engineer, and this skill proves to be his overpowering ability. While reading a fantasy novel, he is unfortunately transported to the same world as its main character, Lloyd Frontera.

His character is extremely lazy and just spends his time drinking, which leads his family to poverty. Now, Suho uses his exceptional engineering skills to invent something incredible that will help him make his future better. 

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2. Return of the Mount Hua Sect: Most Popular Isekai Manhwa With OP MC

Isekai Manhwa with OP MC,isekai manhwa,manhwa with op mc,manhwa
Source: Return of the Mount Hua Sect Manhwa

Number of Episodes: 92 (Still Ongoing)

The series revolves around the Cheongmyeong, one of the greatest sects in ancient China. While fighting the most fierce battle of history against the demonic realm, he succeeded in bringing victories to his side but eventually lost his own life.

Later, he awakened 100 years in the future and found that the current world is not aware of the importance of the Mount Hua Sect. Now, he embarks on an adventurous journey to bring back all the glory of Mount Hua Sect and show the current world who they are. 

1. Survival of a Sword King in a Fantasy World 

Isekai Manhwa
Source: Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 185 (Finished in 2023)

This incredible isekai manhwa with OP MC is one of the great picks for gamers who skip countless tutorials in their lives. It follows the story of Hanbin Ryu, a military man who is transported to another world after being retired. Due to some errors in the system, he has been stuck in the tutorial stage for 20 years.

However, he somehow managed to survive the stage and became highly skilled at everything. Later, after clearing the tutorial stage, Hanbin is seen as a formidable beast by everyone, and they can’t believe he survived that stage. 


That’s it for the post! We hope you found this amazing list of the 10 best isekai manhwa with OP MC useful and found something to your taste. Each of these manhwa features an incredible isekai storyline, a powerful main character, and captivating world-building.

While reading these manhwas, you find yourself immersed in their adventure and experiencing the same thrill and enjoyment as their main characters. Stay tuned with us for more wonderful manhwa and anime recommendations.