15th Episode Of Blue Lock: “The Never Say Die Attitude” Plot & Date Of Release

Our dynamic duo Isagi and Nagi returned to the second stage in the last performance with a single objective in mind: self-improvement. But just when they thought things were going well, Barou and Naruhaya threw a spanner in the works. The game was fierce, with Nagi barely preserving the score even though Isagi faced additional difficulties. Will they be successful in winning? Here is everything you need to know about the narrative and release date for Blue Lock Episode 15!

The next match in Blue Lock is going to be a close one. When Nagi and Isagi compete against Barou and Naruhaya, they will be put to the ultimate test. As Isagi tries to establish himself, the stakes are quite high. Learn more by continuing to read!

Blue LockEpisode 15 Of Blue Lock: What Will Come Next?

The 15th episode of Blue Lock doesn’t yet have a title. In episode 15, Yoichi Isagi knows he faces a struggle as he enters the field. In one-on-one circumstances, Ichigo will find it difficult to create an impression. He doesn’t seem to be able to defeat the other players with any of his weaponry. But Isagi is ready to come up with a solution. His toughest opponent yet, Naruhaya, must be defeated in order to win. But he hasn’t succeeded in doing that thus far.

Isagi makes strides as the game intensifies. He learns that Naruhaya frequently commits too much to his tackles. He becomes open to defenses coming at him. With this additional information at her disposal, Isagi will start to change the match’s momentum. He would outsmart Naruhaya by avoiding his tackles with his quickness. When the match is on the line, Isagi will go above and beyond. Has he been developing a new weapon to combat the game? Only Episode 15 of Blue Lock will occur!

Blue LockA Brief Recap

The Genius and The Average Joes was the subtitle for Blue Lock Episode 14. Yoichi Isagi struggled with self-doubt as the match drew closer. He and his crew were having trouble since he couldn’t successfully wield his weapon. Seishiro Nagi, one of his teammates, reprimanded him and exhorted him to gather himself and perform better. Isagi, though, wanted to prove that he could win without using his go-to weapon. As a result, Nagi came to understand the value of unique skills in the game.

Isagi and Nagi first met their opponents, Barou and Naruhaya, in the waiting area before the match. Nagi incited Barou to fight to get the match started, and Naruhaya warned them that there would be a 24-hour break before the next match. In the cafeteria, they were planning their next move when Naruhaya addressed Isagi and said they both had the same problem with not getting picked if their team lost. He also admitted that he preferred Nagi to Isagi for his team. The two decided to compete against one another as a result.

Blue LockBarou scored the opening goal of the match with a strike that was outside of his regular range. Nagi scored two goals after finding his formula immediately. Throughout the game, Isagi kept trying with various strategies. In the meantime, Barou received a fast pass from Naruhaya for another goal. They picked his side because they believed they could defeat him, he informed Isagi. Then Naruhaya began attempting to score a goal while utilizing his weapon. Isagi struggled to prevail, which put his flexibility to the test.

Release Date For Episode 15 Of Blue Lock

On January 21, 2023, at 11:00 AM PST, Blue Lock Episode 14 is scheduled to air. The Japanese audience can see it on TV Asahi. But Crunchyroll is available to the rest of us who live abroad. For Asian viewers, it is also available on Netflix. But only if you reside in specific nations like Thailand, Hong Kong, or India.