5 Best Demon Slayer Ships

Here is everything you need to know about the 5 best Demon Slayer ships.

Shinobu and GiyuShinobu and Giyu

Shinobu, the Insect Hashira, is quite shy and doesn’t really have many conversations with people. Giyu is also quite shy and keeps to himself most of the time. These two characters have interacted a few times, and fans saw it as an opportunity for their romantic relationship to progress in the series. They’re both strong and capable Hashiras who would make a great and wholesome couple.

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Sanemi and KanaeSanemi and Kanae

Kanae Kocho is one of the most gentle and soft-spoken characters in the Demon Slayer series. She is also a strong and capable member of the Demon Slayer Corps since she was the former Flower Hashira. Sanemi is quite aggressive and can be a little rude to others when he talks, and all of this stems from his childhood trauma.

When Sanemi was being rude to Kagaya Ubuyashiki, Kanae was one of the few people who were concerned and not angry with him. Fans thought that the two would be a great couple since their personalities would balance each other out.

Tanjiro and KanaoTanjiro and Kanao

It seems like Kanao started to develop feelings for Tanjiro ever since they had a conversation after Tanjiro and his squad’s rehabilitation. He helped her make her own decisions and had a positive influence on her life.

Tanjiro is one of the kindest and most gentle characters in Demon Slayer and fans wanted to see their relationship progress during the course of the series. This ship is one of the most wholesome ones on this list.

Nezuko and ZenitsuNezuko and Zenitsu

Zenitsu was loud and obnoxious in the beginning, but he started to become quite mature and mellowed down towards the end of the series. Nezuko was a demon and she had a lot to deal with since she had to fight her instincts and not consume human flesh. However, if she was human from the beginning of the series, till the end, fans believe that they could have had a few moments that could have progressed their relationship during the course of Demon Slayer.

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Rengoku and Akaza
Rengoku and Akaza

Since Akaza expressed his interest in Rengoku owing to his strength and ability to fight, fans took that as an opportunity to ship the two characters. However, this ship doesn’t make sense because Rengoku is someone who would do anything to get rid of the demons’ tyranny and Akaza would only be standing in the way. This ship is a little weird and it would have made sense if Akaza wasn’t a demon.