Blue Lock, Chapter 202: Heart Of Sword! Publication Date & Plot

The good news is that the publication of the next chapter will proceed without interruption. For what seems like an eternity, spectators have been waiting for the game’s last goal to be scored. Nonetheless, Isagi Yoichi and Kaiser were the first in line to receive that rating. But something unexpected will occur in this plot. The last shot will be taken by the one person nobody is looking for. Consequently, without wasting much of your time, here is all you need to know about the latest chapter, Blue Lock Chapter 202.

In the next chapter, readers will see an unexpected challenger to the established champion emerge. This is Yukimiya, by the way. We last observed Ego to be completely against this man scoring.

Blue Lock Chapter 202
Blue Lock Chapter 202

Blue Lock Chapter 202: What Happens Next?

The next one will be called “Heart of Sword,” and facts about the narrative have already leaked out on Twitter. As the contest neared its conclusion, everyone’s egos began to melt, and the chapter opens on that scene. Kaiser will appear in front of the youngster again, challenging him to a game of soccer. Isagi will then question Kaiser directly if he intended to murder him. Isagi wasn’t anticipating this sort of inquiry.

Yukimiya, on the other hand, will take control of the situation in the following scene and get the ball for himself. Straight away, he’ll launch into a monologue in which he insists that not even God can destroy his inflated sense of self-importance. Yukimiya scores the game-winning goal for the Bastard Munchens in the upcoming Blue Lock Chapter 202. That’s right, there are not one but two main characters in this scenario.

Previous Chapter Summary!

In Blue Lock, Chapter 201 is titled “Without Being Seen by Anyone.” At the beginning of the chapter, Isagi was making his final attempt. Kaiser, though, was the first one to stand up to Hitler. Isagi sidestepped him and retrieved the ball with his cunning. Subsequent developments reveal that Chigiri’s true motivation for being here was to demonstrate faster speeds than those of Isagi. However, even his onslaught was rendered ineffective by his presence. Nagi was the next to speak.

One by one, though, they were able to risk regaining possession of the ball from the Isagi. The captain observed this and personally came to question the young man, whose name is Chris Prince. This section concluded with a showdown between Noel Noa of the Bastard Munchens and Chris Prince of the England Manshine. Nonetheless, it is Isagi Yoichi who will seize the chance to prevail.

Blue Lock Chapter 201
Blue Lock Chapter 201

Blue Lock Chapter 202: Publication Date

It has been confirmed when the next chapter will be fully released. Not only that, but the unprocessed images of the latest chapter are also now available. So, in two days, we’ll get access to Blue Lock Chapter 202. The whole release is scheduled for January 11th, 2023. Those who are interested in reading the manga can do so exclusively on Kodansha’s official website.