A Guide to the Episodes of Buddy Daddies’s Season 1 

You’ve come to the right place if you’ve been wondering how many episodes of Buddy Daddies will actually air. Information is provided in full below.

When a killer has a family, what happens to the kid? Insane Disarray! After Miri’s father is killed in a gunfight, she is taken in by professional assassins Kazuki and Rei. In the anime, they go through a series of humorous mishaps while trying to raise her as their legal guardians.

After watching Spy x Family, if you’re interested in further anime about families with young children, you should consider adding this to your queue. Although the plot is different, the overall feel is the same.

Buddy Daddies Episode Guide

There have been 5 episodes of the show thus far. Two episodes of the dub in English have been made available so far. Every Saturday at midnight, JST, a new episode is released. It won’t be long before the English dub hits the shelves.

Buddy Daddies

There will be a total of 13 episodes of Buddy Daddies. We now have the timetable set through the end of the month of February.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of episodes, along with airtimes, premiere dates, and more:

EpTitlePublication DateDirected ByStoryboarded by
1Piece of Cake7th Jan 2023Tomoaki OtaYoshiyuki Asai
2The Kiss of Death14th Jan 2023Noriyoshi SasakiYoshiyuki Asai
3Spice of Life21st Jan 2023Shin’ya KawatsuraJong Heo; Yoshiyuki Asai
4What Will Be, Will Be28th Jan 2023Masakazu TakahashiJong Heo
5Crunch Time4th Feb 2023Tetsuo IchimuraTetsuo Ichimura
6TBA11th Feb 2023TBATBA
7TBA18th Feb 2023TBATBA
8TBA25th Feb 2023TBATBA

Buddy Daddies: Quick Overview

The story of Buddy Daddies was not adapted from a manga or light novel, but rather was written from scratch by Vio Shimokura and Yuko Kakihara. Some parents on staff served as inspiration for this.

The protagonists of the novel were professional killers Kazuki Kusuru and Rei Suwa. Both have troubled histories; Kazuki lost his family because of his work, and Rei has been training to be an assassin since she was a young girl.

Kazuki encounters Miri Unasaka, age 4, who is looking for her father while on a job. Her dad is the apparent intended victim of the murder attempt.

Kazuki and Rei are now responsible for her care after the death of their father. However, caring for a child is more challenging than it first appears. Keeping their occupation a secret while also keeping control of Miri causes them a great deal of difficulty.

P.A. Works animated the series Buddy Daddies. “Shock!” by Ayase serves as the show’s opening theme, while “My Plan” by DURDN serves as the show’s closing theme. Both the front and back covers, and the inside spreads, include beautiful artwork.

According to Metacritic, the majority of people who have seen the anime have a favourable opinion of it, giving it a score of 7.76. As the plot progresses, it’s sure to rise.

Where to watch?

The buddy-cop comedy Buddy Daddies can be streamed or downloaded on a wide variety of devices. For a full rundown of where you can watch the series with its Japanese dub, read on!

  • Tokyo MX
  • BS11
  • AT-X
  • Aniplus TV
  • Bahamut Anime Crazy
  • Laftel

Crunchyroll is streaming both the Japanese and English dubbed versions with subtitles.


All of the voice actors have done a fantastic job with their roles. The sweetness of Miri, the seriousness with which Kazuki plays, and the stoicism of Rei are all beautifully rendered.

The major characters from the anime are voiced by the following actors in various adaptations:

CharacterJapanese ActorsEng Actors
Miri UnasakaHina KinoEmi Lo
Kazuki KusuruToshiyuki ToyonagaLandon McDonald
Rei SuwaKouki UchiyamaDavid Matranga
Kyutaro KugiToshiyuki MorikawaAustin Tindle
Ryo OginoMitsuaki MadonoJohn Gremillion

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