A Ninja and Assassin Living Together Series Confirmed

On Tuesday, April 23, 2023, Kadokawa revealed that HundredBurger’s manga “A Ninja and Assassin Living Together” would be adapted into an anime by Shaft production studios. The staff has released a teaser image for the series on the anime’s newly launched website and X account.

There has not been any mention of the tentative date for the anime’s release yet. But, fans can expect to get one soon.

Studio Shaft is behind the production of this dark comedy anime. The official staff for the series have also provided comments from the production team. Shaft Studio wanted to craft an enjoyable and vibrant world for HundredBurger’s characters. Additionally, they encouraged fans to anticipate the upcoming exciting project.

Author’s Reaction to The Production

ninja and assassin living together

The author of “A Ninja and Assassin Living Together” has shared congratulatory messages on the anime’s website and X handle. According to the author, Hundredburger, he is thrilled to see his work being adapted into an anime. He expressed gratitude to everyone who has supported the manga since its inception. Although he had concerns about the manga’s transition to anime, he recognized the production studio’s deep passion for the project.

HundredBurger debuted the “A Ninja and Assassin Living Together” series in August 2023 on Kadokawa’s Comic Dengeki DaiohG. Currently, three volumes of the manga have been published, and the fourth tankobon volume is scheduled for release on April 26, 2024.

A Ninja and Assassin Living Together Plot

Adapted from HundredBurger’s dark comedy manga “Ninja to Koroshiya no Futarigurashi,” the anime “A Ninja and Assassin Living Together” tells the tale of Satoko, a naive ninja girl, and Konoha, a high school assassin. One fateful day, Konoha encounters Satoko lying on the streets and discovers that she is being pursued by individuals from her village. In response, they opt to reside together, embarking on a perilous yet thrilling journey.