Anya Fights Back In Chapter 74 Of Spy X Family! Launch Date

The news that the new chapter won’t be shown on screens will not be welcomed by fans. There will be a three-week pause between this chapter and the following one. It now appears that the creators will take a long time before the new chapter is released. The final chapter, however, revealed that everyone was attempting to win the youngsters’ affections back. The kids also became aware that they could move things independently at this time. This concludes our discussion of the new chapter, Spy X Family Chapter 74.

Fans will be able to catch up on Anya and the goons’ battle in the newest chapter. There will come a moment when Anya will be the sole person battling it. It will be interesting to watch how the battle plays out.

What Will Come Next In Spy X Family Chapter 74?

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The new chapter’s title and specifics of its plot have not yet been made public. Anya’s courageous deed will now serve as the chapter’s opening scene. The number of parties involved in this circumstance has increased recently. The kids realized, however, that they are the only ones who can put an end to this predicament. And Anya was the one who decided to take the lead out of everyone else. The same stance will now be taken when Spy X Family Chapter 74 begins.

However, not even we are aware of what this girl is capable of. The initial sequence will undoubtedly draw criticism. Damian will be the only one to assist and encourage Anya in her job, though. These two will have a great time working together to defeat the terrorists.

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Recap Of The Prior Chapter

Mission 73 was the name of Spy X Family Chapter 73. Billy went to the student demonstrations to attend at the beginning of the chapter. But because the times were unsafe, her father made every effort to stop her. She stated that she had never been terrified to pass away. Nevertheless, the chapter quickly returned to the bus. And it turns out that the terrorist responsible for kidnapping these kids was also their father.

The incident where the guy lost his daughter that day was the reason for this. The authorities approached the leader to inform him that every member of his alliance had been apprehended and slain. This indicated that he was alone himself. Anya rose and decided it was time to take matters into his own hands as the chapter came to a close.

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Chapter 74 Of Spy X Family: Release Date

The publication of the new SXF chapter continues uninterrupted. However, the chapter is unquestionably returning after some time. Spy X Family Chapter 74’s official release date is January 22, 2023. And for the fans’ benefit, Viz Media has confirmed this release date. All of the chapters will be shown on Shonen, Viz Media, and MangaPlus.