Arte Season 2: Releasing Sooner Than You Thought!

No doubt, Arte Season 2 is testing fans’ patience levels. In the spring of 2020, historical-based anime quickly gained popularity. But it’s been almost three years, and it hasn’t seen a sign to return to our screen. Many fans are wondering if the series is ever going to return or not. Well, Arte is a one-of-a-kind anime. Not only is it art and history, but this show also centers around a female MC. Thus, it makes the anime unique in every possible way. But will it return? Keep reading to learn Arte’s fate.

Arte, written and created by Kei Ohkubo, started as a manga series that later got an anime adaption in 2020. The anime ran for 12 episodes and was aired on Funimation. Arte is undoubtedly a fantastic anime with several fun elements. Fans were amazed at how beautifully this anime was portrayed. But the question remains: is Arte Season 2 happening or not? We have gathered all the information for fans related to this anime. Keep scrolling and find out.

Is Arte Season 2 Renewed?

Unfortunately, Arte hasn’t been renewed for a new season. Ever since the anime ended airing, neither the author nor the respective studio has made any announcement related to the anime renewal. There are several factors on which the revival of a show depends. Its popularity, profit for the studio, and if the new season will be up to any good.

Studios typically don’t renew an anime if they know that it won’t help them with anything and will be just a waste of time and money. However, this is not the case with Arte. Arte did well on various legal/illegal streaming platforms. Fans loved it, and its popularity is also considerable. Even though the show hasn’t been officially renewed, maybe in the future, it will be renewed for a new season. But till then, fans have to wait for an official announcement.

Which Studio Animated Arte?

Seven Arc’s famous anime production company animated Arte Season 1. Seven Arcs came into the business in 2019, and they’ve been animating high-quality anime since then. Some of their most popular anime are Tonikawa: Fly Me To The Moon, Blue Period, Sekirei, White Album, and more. As for Arte, it has eye-catching and attractive animation.

Since it’s a visual arts anime, its animation style is comforting and sweet. Seven Arcs has done a great job with the production. However, the studio hasn’t made it official if they’ll be producing Arte Season 2. Maybe they will since the show has proven to be beneficial for them.

But it’s just an assumption. Nothing can be said until an official announcement is made. As of now, Seven Arcs is working on Chained Soldier and TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You – High School Days.

Arte Season 2
Credit- Seven Arcs

Is There Enough Source Material?

Kei Ohkubo has created Arte manga. The manga series has 17 volumes to this date, and it is still ongoing. Season 1 of the anime covers 36 chapters, and that’s the end of volume 7. That means there are still ten volumes left to be animated.

Thus, there is enough source material for one more season. Since the manga is ongoing, it’s a matter of time till there will be enough source material for two more seasons. Fans should start reading the manga if they don’t want to wait for the anime from chapter 37 of volume 8. Arte manga has a unique art style, and fans should know that anime has missed many details that are present in the manga. So, reading manga will be different from the anime.

Arte Season 2 Plot

The plot follows the titular character, Arte, a young woman who dreams of becoming a successful artist in 16th-century Italy. Despite societal expectations for women to marry and bear children, Arte defies conventions by fighting for her passion and independence. Throughout the series, she faces numerous obstacles in pursuing her career, including gender discrimination and financial struggles.

However, with determination and perseverance, Arte learns valuable lessons from her mentors and creates breathtaking pieces that leave a lasting impression on patrons. Alongside Arte’s artistic journey, the show also touches upon political issues prevalent during the Renaissance era, such as class divides and corruption within the church. At the end of Season 1, Arte finished painting Sofia’s portrait and wondered whether to stay or return to Florence.

Arte Season 2
Credit- Seven Arcs

Leo was working on the church ceiling, it was when Arte realized her talent. However, Leo was sick and had a deadline of a week. So, Arte decided to finish the painting by herself. But the people she met also helped her. Leo improved and was proud of Arte’s work. He even pointed out her mistakes. Arte later agreed to stay his apprentice, and soon, the church opened, impressing Arte’s mom. 

She also included her loved ones in the painting and began writing letters to Katarina. Arte was happy to be back working with Leo. In Arte Season 2, fans will see how Arte is still struggling to be acknowledged for her work, and she’ll be facing new challenges. However, Leo will be there to help her.

Arte Season 2 Cast & Production Team

Anime voice actors are professional performers specializing in voicing the characters in Japanese animated productions. These actors are typically skilled at bringing to life the distinctive personalities and traits of each character through their voice work, infusing them with emotion, energy, and depth. So, it’s safe to say Arte won’t be changing its voice actors, or fans might not like it. So, Arte Season 2 may follow the same cast.

  • Komatsu Mikako as Arte
  • Ichimichi Mao as Katarina
  • Konishi Katsuyuki as Leo
  • Enoki Junya as Parker, Angelo
  • Akimoto Yousuke as Ubertino
  • Ohara Sayaka as Veronica 

An anime production team is composed of professionals from various disciplines who are responsible for bringing an anime series or film to life. The team could include producers, directors, animators, scriptwriters, sound designers, voice actors, and musicians. Even though there is no information regarding the production team for Season 2, there is still a chance it won’t change. The last production team is as follows.

  • Itou Shousei as Producer 
  • Justin Cook as Producer
  • Herek Samantha as Assistant Producer
  • Hamana Takayuki as Director 
  • Ebina Yasunori as Sound Director 
  • Yoshida Reiko as Series Composition
  •  MacDonald Scott as Art Director 
Arte Season 2
Credit- Seven Arcs

Arte Season 2: Release Date

Since the show hasn’t even been renewed, there is no release date either. This sure is disappointing, but it can’t be helped. However, fans can read the manga or watch the previous season on Funimation. 

Maybe by the end of 2023 or at the start of 2024, fans might get to hear about the renewal of the series. Till then, they have to keep their calm and wait. Arte Season 2 will be worth waiting for, and when it finally comes out, fans will love it. The Anime Daily brings such anime news-related blogs daily, so check the site often.