Bandai Namco Reveals ‘SAND LAND’ Role-Playing Game Before the Movie’s Release

While Akira Toriyama’s ‘Dr. Slump’ and ‘Dragon Ball’ are huge hits, ‘Sand Land’ may not be as well-known. The manga was a single volume long and contained only 14 chapters. If you’re familiar with Toriyama’s work, however, just the trailer for “Sand Land” should tip you off.

The news of an anime film adaptation has renewed interest in the manga. This is interesting, but it’s not the only thing that’s coming.

Bandai Namco Entertainment made the announcement at Thursday’s Summer Gate Fest stream that their action role-playing game ‘Sand Land’ would be adapted into a video game. ILCA is working on it for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One S, and PC (Steam). It’s worth noting that Unreal Engine 5 will be used to power the game.

Scenes from the series’ desert wasteland setting are featured in this video. Then we see Rao for the first time, and after that we meet Beelzebub and the rest of the cast. Beelzebub is seen behind the wheel of a variety of vehicles, including a tank, a truck, reptiles, and more, giving you a glimpse inside the gameplay.

The vehicles are armed as well, so the rider can engage in combat. Beelzebub uses both magic and his bare hands in battle.

Bandai Namco has not yet announced a release date, but we may anticipate its arrival somewhere in 2024. The release date shouldn’t be too far from the movie’s, judging by the gaming footage.

For whatever reason, a manga that is now 20 years old (Sand Land) was picked for a hybrid production. It was a brilliant decision, but I wonder what prompted it. Overall, a game adaptation will deliver a more immersive experience for fans of the short manga than the original medium.



The SAND LAND manga by Akira Toriyama is a short series. Published by Shueisha in May 2000 as a serial in Weekly Shōnen Jump, the story was compiled into a single tankbon volume in November 2000.

The novel takes place in a dystopian future where only a barren wasteland and a selfish ruler are left, and neither can survive without the other. Beelzebub, the demon king’s son, Thief, the demon king’s assistant, and Sheriff Rao set out to locate a long-lost river in this adventure. On their perilous voyage, the group faces off against numerous enemies, including the avaricious king’s troops.