Biggest Underdogs In My Hero Academia

Here is everything you need to know about the biggest underdogs in My Hero Academia.

Hitoshi ShinsoHitoshi Shinso: Biggest Underdogs In My Hero Academia

Hitoshi Shinso’s Brainwash is mocked by his middle school peers because it seems like a Quirk that villains might have. As such, his initial bitterness is a direct result of being unable to justify his heroic ambition.

Thankfully, Eraserhead’s mentorship helps Shinso break out of his self-loathing to truly manifest his inner potential and unleash his full power without being concerned about others’ bigoted opinions.

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Aoyama YugaAoyama Yuga

Although Aoyama Yuga’s original behavior reeks of arrogance, the truth is that he’s entirely insecure about his Navel Laser Quirk. He gradually learns to lower his barriers and allow people access to his emotions, which naturally helps him become stronger and more confident than ever.

Further, Aoyama places his future at stake when he draws “enemy” attention during the Provisional License Exam just so Ida would be able to escape.

Koji KodaKoji Koda: Biggest Underdogs In My Hero Academia

Koji Koda seems like the strong, silent type, but his reticence is actually due to his timidity. He’s intrinsically peaceful, which isn’t surprising given that his Quirk revolves around interacting with animals and other creatures.

Koji still hasn’t found his voice, so to speak, but it’s clear that he’s on the path to becoming one of the finest student heroes in the U.A. All he needs is some encouragement, and perhaps some attention from his peers.

Kyoka JiroKyoka Jiro

Kyoka Jiro is known for her deadpan delivery, making her appear slightly unsympathetic in social scenarios. On the contrary, she displays an inordinate amount of friendliness when the whole class hangs out together.

Kyoka’s hidden talents as a musician are revealed during the School Festival performance put on by Class 1-A, which leads to an uptick in some much-deserved popularity. In addition, she has an exceptional Quirk that has considerable room left to grow.

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Eri is arguably the cutest character in My Hero Academia, especially after Mirio and Deku manage to make her smile. She is also more of an underdog than anyone else, considering that her Rewind has enough power to strip society of all Quirks, and maybe even destroy humanity itself.

Although her lack of control over her Quirk is a problem in the beginning, Eri is currently capable of impressive feats such as restoring Lemillion’s Permeation without any complications.