Blue Box TV Anime: 2nd Teaser Revealed with More Cast & Premiere Date!

At Anime Japan 2024, a stage presentation was done for the Anime adaptation of Blue Box which revealed 2nd promotional video for the Anime and Cast Members and Staff. The Event was organized on 23 March, Saturday. In the short Video, it was also revealed that the anime will be making its debut in October 2024 on TBS and Affiliates.

Blue Box TV Anime 2nd Promotional Video

TVアニメ『アオのハコ』ティザーPV 第2弾│Ao no Hako│Blue Box Official Teaser 2 (2024)

Blue Box TV Anime is an anime adaptation of the original manga series of the same name which is a rom-com and sports series. The Manga is written and Illustrated by Kouji Miura and Shuiesha Weekly Shonen Jump has been releasing the manga series since April 2021. With 14 volumes being released so far, Telecom Animation Film is finally airing the Anime this year in October. At the Anime Japan 2024 red stage it was also revealed that the anime will telecast on 28 TBS stations at 11:56 PM JST every Thursday.

Anime PlotBlue Box TV Anime

Taiki Inomata is a Third-year student in Junior High who attends Eimei Academy, which is an integrated school with a sports program. As Taiki has joined the high school badminton team he tries to open practice as early as possible. But no matter how early he tries to get to the gymnasium to open practice, he always ends up being the second person in the gym. Who gets there first than him?

Well, she is Chinatsu Kano who is a first-year student in Senior high and who is also Taiki Crush. Chinatsu is a rising player on the basketball team, while Taiki is also a good player in Basketball, he is not as good enough as her, which makes Taiki sad because he thinks that will she even accept his feelings. when she is that good and he is not on the same level in playing as her.

However, by some strange change in situations, Chinatsu ends up living in Taiki House. To become a worthy match for his new housemate, Taiki decides that he will try harder than ever and follow the same dream as his crush- which is to take part in nationals.

Staff And CastChinatsu Kano

Original: Tsutomo Miura (Serialized in Shueisha’s “Weekly Shonen Jump”)

Animation Production: Telecom Animation Films

Planning and Production: UNLIMITED PRODUCE by TMS

Taiki Inomata VA: Shoya Chiba

Chinatsu Kano VA: Reina Ueda

Hina Chono VA: Akari Kito