Blue Exorcist Season 3 Episode 4: A Mole In The Academy! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

After witnessing the festive vibes, Blue Exorcist Season 3 Episode 4 returns to bring intense face-off between the two skilled exorcists. Since Shura doubted that there was a mole in the organization, the team had been trying to find the spy. However, the recent episode hinted that Takara Nemu was hiding something. Can Shura and others find out the truth? Well, things are getting intense as the tension underneath the Academy about the spy will take a toll. Will the students learn about this spy drama? Keep reading to know that!

Blue Exorcist Season 3 Episode 4: Manga Sheds Light On A Possible Illuminati Spy

Takara Nemu doesn’t seem like an ordinary student. Since the beginning of Blue Exorcist Season 3, he has appeared as a mysterious character, and his latest action suggests he’s hiding something. There’s no denying that it’s hard to find an artifact like ‘Kamiki Tsukumo.’ However, Takara’s possession of that item suggests he has joined the Academy with a mission. Shura and others already believed that there was a mole in the Japanese branch. And Blue Exorcist Season 3 Episode 4, “Insider,” suggests that it could be Takara Nemu.

Blue Exorcist Season 3 Episode 4

Upon learning about his possession of ‘Kamiki Tsukumo,’ Izumo will appear furious. She will also ask him how he got hold of such a precious mascot. But instead of answering her questions, Takara decides to jeopardize things. It will indeed bring Shura into the picture. That will lead to a face-off between the two. However, the question arises: Is Takara really a mole? Well, Blue Exorcist Season 3 Episode 4 suggests that there are more layers to Takara than appears.

A Quick Recap!

Following the Gehenna Gate ordeal, Lewin Light believed a mole could exist within the Knights. He felt a spy could be in the Japanese branch and two in the Vatican. So, he asked Shura to investigate the matter. Soon, the episode shifted its focus to the True Cross Academy. Everyone was excited about the School Festival. Even Rin Okumura and Shima Renzo were gearing up for the festival. However, their excitement dropped after they failed to find a dance partner. Their best efforts to convince the girls, unfortunately, went in vain.

Blue Exorcist Season 3 Episode 4

After their failed attempts, they gave their last try on Paku. But unfortunately, she had already accepted an upper-grade senior offer. The following day, they both arrived at school hopeless and seemingly undead. However, after Rin learned that Shiemi had joined his Academy, he decided to ask her out. But she intended to go with Yukio, who rejected her offer. Upon discovering this, Rin took a step back. Soon, the day arrived, everyone enjoyed the School Festival. However, Izumo was surprised when Takara showed her a precious mascot of ‘Kamiki Tsukumo.’

Blue Exorcist Season 3 Episode 4: Release Date

The forthcoming episode, “Insider,” will indeed reveal more about Kamiki Tsukumo. Things are getting intense, so don’t miss it. Catch Blue Exorcist Season 3 Episode 4 on January 28, 2024, at 12:30 am JST. The anime is available on BS11 and Tokyo MX in Japan.

Meanwhile, the international audience can catch it on Crunchyroll. It will also be simulcast on other streaming platforms like Muse Asia, Aniplus TV, and iQIYI in Southeastern countries. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.