“Blue Lock” Chapter 202: Date of Raw English Spoiler Publication

It all worked out for Isagi. A perfect run toward the goal, beating Kaiser and Yukimiya at their own game. All

For Isagi, everything turned out okay. A flawless sprint toward the target, bested Kaiser and Yukimiya at their own game. The final step is to put the ball in the net. The final score will be Blue Lock 202. Will Isagi be able to break free from the web and fulfill his destiny as a hero? What will be, will be.

Blue Lock has been a very successful anime. The show is well-liked, has huge potential, and is receiving high marks from critics. Reports have been overwhelmingly positive. All of this occurs in the first half of the show. People are generally looking forward to the remaining 12 episodes.

Blue Lock chapter 202
Blue Lock chapter 202

He needs only a target in order to reach his ultimate aspiration. Our anticipation for Blue Lock Manga 202 hinges on his ability to find the back of the net.

Blue Lock Chapter 202: Date of Publication

Perhaps we’ll get a week off. This is because of the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. The holidays are a time for everyone, including mangakas, to be with their loved ones.

We anticipate the new Blue Lock 202 to be released on or around January 6, 2023. They’ll be in the inaugural issue of Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine in 2023.

All the raws will be redrawn, typeset, and translated. Time is needed for this procedure. Multiple localizations are planned. On January 11, 2023, we anticipate the English fan scans to appear on Google.

There will be no official English scans of Blue Lock 202. Kodansha does not release its works in individual chapters. Instead, we’ll get the English-language volumes when they’re published in 2024 or 2025. It looks like we can go ahead and get a copy.

Soon, we’ll be posting articles on the highly anticipated One Piece Chapter 1071 and My Hero Academia Chapter 377.

Blue Lock Manga 202: Discussion

It’s satisfying to witness Kaiser’s downfall. And there’s also that Yukimiya, who is a total clown. A striker needs egotism, not naivete, in order to be successful. The current chapter is great because it criticizes them both while praising Isagi.

The world owes it all to Isagi. He has remade himself over and over again to get here. What he’s working toward is Blue Lock Manga 202.

What is Kaiser doing?

Isagi resumes his sprint toward the finish line. Kurona receives his pass as defenders close in. Kaiser saw this twosome and decided to intervene immediately. His viewpoint demands that he destroy Isagi, but our hero has read that and knows better.

As Kaiser takes the pass from Kurona and delivers a pinpoint lob to Isagi, everyone, including Noa, pokes fun at him. Isagi knows he has to advance further before he can fire. Following this, he makes his way past the defensive line. The results of Blue Lock 202 will demonstrate his efficacy.

How did Isagi completely break down the defense?

Chigiri sprinted in, ball in hand. When this overwhelming speed was used against Chigiri, all it took was a simple stop, and he was gone forever. Normally Nagi would go next, but Isagi threw him off and passed to Kurona. He got past Nagi, then inspected Yukimiya.

It was imperative to Yukimiya that she get the last pass. However, Isagi merely played off of him to draw the attention of the defender and then take advantage of the resulting opening. When you watch Blue Lock 202, you’ll see Yukimiya finally get the boot.

Yukimiya admits defeat as he realizes he, too, has used it.

Will Isagi manage to score?

There hasn’t been a single mistake in his calculations. He took advantage of whoever would have him. Considering all of this, he went ahead, and Noa assisted him in getting past the barrier Chris had set up. Chris ends up in second place, behind Noa, who gets top honors.

Upon receiving the final pass, all that’s left for Isagi to do is score. However, doing so is not simple. We can’t wait to read Blue Lock Chapter 202 to find out what he does next. We’re hoping our hero scores in the upcoming chapter so that the game can be decided then.

Blue Lock Chapter 202: Spoilers

Blue Lock Chapter 202 spoilers are currently unavailable. As we discussed, you should take the week off. Because of this, raws will be late. Therefore, spoilers will also be postponed.

By about January 7th, we should start seeing leaks and spoilers for the next chapter. We’ll be on the lookout for them, and as soon as they arrive, we’ll add them here for your perusal.

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