Blue Lock Chapter 203: Release Date, Raw And Spoilers

Yukimiya may have been sailing blindly, but Isagi spotted him. The main character made an unthinkable decision that no one could have predicted. Thus, he succeeded in toppling kaiser, the ruler of Bastard Munich. In Chapter 203 of Blue Lock, Isagi’s superiority will become clear.

Due out this week, Blue Lock Episode 14 continues the successful anime series, which will run until the end of the current season.

Right now, it has a very high popularity and quality rating. Even the manga sales have reflected this, with Blue Lock having experienced a surge in popularity over the past few months.

In this moment, we are spectators to a truly remarkable accomplishment. However, it was made by Yukimiya, a player who has shown himself to be largely inept throughout this contest. What will happen to him? It could be in Blue Lock Manga 203.


Since Reo has come so far since we last saw him, we can only hope that his star continues to rise.

This week, we also anticipate the arrival of the raw scans for One Piece 1072 and My Hero Academia Chapter 378.

Blue Lock Chapter 203: Predictions

This latest installment has sparked heated discussion among readers, who are divided on whether or not Isagi is a striker in the traditional sense. He has been extremely helpful in recent games, but he hasn’t scored yet. He’s proving to be remarkably competent, but he can’t seem to put the ball in the net. Possibly more information can be found in the spoilery contents of Blue Lock Chapter 203.

What’s Kaiser Doing?

Everything that happened there was foreseen by Isagi; he knew that Noa would show up to obstruct Chris, and he expected Yukimiya to interrupt. When he got the final pass, he only needed to shoot straight to score. But Kaiser returned to the room to interrupt him.

The pressure from Kaiser jarred him out of position, and Isagi ended up catching the ball instead of shooting it. His big finish was thwarted! Was it? Here in the spotlight, Isagi finally admitted that he had anticipated this outcome as well. He was aware that he was not yet in a position to play the lead. Isagi’s possible feelings toward scoring will be revealed in Blue Lock Manga 203.

What’s Yukimiya Doing?

And if we’re being completely honest, all Yukimiya is doing is playing a role. In a very literal sense, he is dancing on Isagi’s pawn. Passing the ball back to him ensured that the most logical course of action would be taken. There was never any doubt in Isagi’s mind that he would eventually topple Kaiser from power. Therefore, giving up on a target is pointless.

Yukimiya has come to terms with the fact that he died, but only Isagi has seen Kaiser for who he really is, as Isagi holds Kaiser down and makes him the joke of this story. Only Isagi paid attention to Yukimiya and had faith in him. In doing so, he took the decisive action that changed the course of his life forever.

Never, not even to God, will Yukimiya give up his pride. His gyroshot was dead on because the goalie anticipated that he wouldn’t be able to block it. Our dear Yukimiya will finally rest in Blue Lock 203.

What’s Reo Doing?

Reo is a person who has developed extraordinarily well. He’s still having trouble even now. Goalie Reo came in to make a save after the other one had failed. And he was dangerously close to being able to stop it. Yukimiya, on the other hand, has a new and improved shot.

Chris’s inspiration for this shot, which results in a steeper drop for the ball, is known as the “Sword Screw.” Absolutely no one was able to deflect or stop the incoming shot. The aftermath of this match is depicted in Blue Lock Chapter 203.

Blue Lock 203: Date of Publication

This week may be a break week, but it has not been confirmed. We anticipate the raws to be available by Thursday, January 14, 2023, in this week’s issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine, assuming the chapter is released then.

The raws will be removed by the fans and uploaded to the internet. The next step is for scanlation teams to translate the entire document into various languages. On Google, the English fan scans are expected to debut on January 18th, 2023.

There are also official English scans, but they are only available in English volumes. And you can count on this chapter not appearing until at least 2024. Please don’t forget to pick up a copy and support the authors.

Blue Lock Chapter 203: Spoilers

No Blue Lock 203 spoilers have been sent in as of yet. Assuming there is no hiatus this week, we should see the new chapter’s spoilers by the 15th of January, 2023 at the latest.

Please be patient and revisit this page for updates. Since we are keeping a close eye on the situation, any leaks that we can confirm will be posted here.

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