Bofuri Season 3: DELAYED Due To Silver Link? Release Date

The questions of Bofuri Season 3 continue to fill up the entire internet. And the answers are confusing all over the place. From the plot details to the availability of source material, stories are inconsistent in a lot of ways. But there is no need to fret, as we have got you covered. While the new season awaits its comeback, there might be some interesting updates from the production. So, how soon can we get to watch the next season? Keep reading further to get all the updates on this right here.

Better known as I Don’t Want To Get Hurt So I’ll Max Out My Defense, Bofuri is one of the best-known Comedy manga of recent times. The main novel first came out in 2016. Yuumikan is the creator of the show. The light novel by Koin was released on September 8, 2017. This also posed as the source material for the anime. Studio Silver Link animated the series. And now, the third season continues to be the big news of the hour.

Bofuri Season 3

Bofuri Season 3: Renewal Status

The latest episode of Bofuri was brought to the screens on April 19, 2023. With this, even the much-liked second season also came to an end. But the fans were delighted to see that the new season is back airing after making them wait for such a long time. So, in so many cases, there is a certain kind of update or tease in the last episode. Though the closing episode of Season 2 was a cliffhanger and gave a potential headstart to the new season, there was no hook for Bofuri Season 3.

All in all, the new season has not been renewed by any of the makers. No cast or staff member of the show has gone on the record to suggest that Season 3 will be happening anytime soon. But that does not mean that the show will not come back. The reception and demand suggest that this will be a high demand in the coming months.

Will There Be A Bofuri Season 3?

Even as the fans were waiting for the second season, the banner continued to be in high demand. This keyword was topping a lot of the charts and being one of the most-awaited shows of its time. The same can be expected of Bofuri Season 3. Not only this, but the official numbers of the show project the same belief. The overall rating of the first and the second season was as high as 7.4 stars out of 10. With this, even the MyAnimeList rating of Season 2 was similar.

At the time of writing, the current rating of the show stands at 7.2 stars out of 10. This number is more than enough to cue the production to begin the animation work. The two seasons had a striking contrast in terms of themes. As a result of this, the charts for both of them vary in several ways. But one thing that stayed with the fans was the wholesomeness and entertainment. With this certainty, fans surely look forward to watching the next season.

What Is The Production Upto?

Studio Silver is behind the animation and production of both the seasons of Bofuri. And there was hardly any criticism of the visuals of it. For a bit of context, any studio requires six months to one year to complete the animation and voicing of any show with 12-24 episodes. As for Silver Link, the company has been in operation since December 2007. Every year, this firm has managed to release around three to seven shows in total.

For the year 2023, the company has already listed seven shows in a row. And seven is already an upper limit number. As for 2024, the first show to come out of Silver Link will be Mission Yozakura Family. Thus, one thing is clear: Bofuri Season 3 is not returning in 2023. The production will only get a dedicated team and time in 2024. Any update on this will be mentioned here!

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Bofuri Season 3

Bofuri Season 3: Is There Enough Source Material?

Yuumikan’s novel series first came out in 2016, and since then, Bofuri has continued to yearn for the first spot in the Comedy genre. After this, Koin brought the first light novel to the floors under Yen Press’ banner. The LN series has a total of fifteen volumes. A manga was also released in May 2018. However, this does not pose as the source material for the anime. The manga by Jiro Oimoto has seven volumes in total. Now, reports suggest that the first season used only the first 4 volumes of the text.

After this, Season 2 used the next four, that is, until Volume 8. With this, seven volumes are still left for Bofuri Season 3. If the pacing and the arcs of the show are used well enough, two seasons can be churned out of this much content. However, it is only a matter of time until there is an announcement. A movie project is likely to take place if there is some lack of content in some places.

Reddit & Discussion Analysis

A lot of Reddit and other discussion forums like MAL are talking about the striking difference between the first and the second season. The first season was more about two girls roaming in the new world, getting fascinated by each and every element in this world. Each of the battles and missions was made wholesome to some extent. However, this was not the case with the new season. In the sequel, the story felt more like a classic isekai.

The elements of the other world and the battles were far more lethal than what was set in the opening season. Even so, the second season was loved dearly. As for Bofuri Season 3, the users continue to discuss the availability of source material in detail. There is a long way for this story to go. However, the demand for this outing is high even after the change in themes of Seasons 1 & 2.

byu/Pensato from discussion

What Will Happen In The Next Season?

The overall story of the anime has been described to be all about defense. A great defense is the greatest offense, is the theme of the show. So, we meet VROMMO plater Kaede Honjo, who has been winning all games at the behest of her defense skills. Also known as Maple, she now has a lot of enemies and allies in the new world where she is called. And now, she has to climb one floor after the other so that she can bring closure to this game and come back to her own world.

So, as the second season comes to an end, we see that ‘Maxing Defense and the Big Final Battle’ had a lot more to show to the battles than just the clearing of levels. In the last episode, the strongest of the monsters appears in front of Maple only to present a threat that no one has encountered. But Maple and Sally nonetheless manage to defeat the beast so as to bring an end to the level’s last stage. With this, Level 8 was open for the two of them.

Bofuri Season 3 now brings the adventures forth to this stage. All the heroes now have a team. The rest of the survivors can finally split into two groups and see where the endeavors take them. Moreover, the love angle of Sally and Maple is to flourish in Season 3. After having spent so much time together, the two of them have developed feelings for one another. But the creators will give due time to the next season so as to see the love story get more time.

Bofuri Season 3

Bofuri Season 3: Release Date

The second season itself was a delayed affair in terms of the show getting renewed. And judging from the Studio’s schedule, the new season is not coming back in 2023. For the time being, Bofuri Season 3 will commence production by the end of this year. A complete year will go into the process. Only after this, there is a chance that the season will come back around mid-2024. As the first one, Crunchyroll is expected to bring the new season to the streaming platforms. At last, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the intel right here.