Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5 Release Date, Manga Spoilers

The latest chapter takes off with Boruto speaking with the toad hidden on Code. Boruto begins to use the teleportation jutsu, the flying Raijin jutsu. Since he has not mastered it, it takes some time to use it. Fans are excited about the new development and will be glad to hear that Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5 release date is confirmed with out any delays. Continue reading to find out.

Boruto teleports to Code’s location and he shook with this revelation. Looking at his behavior he makes sure that Boruto wasn’t there to fight him but something is missing, the Ten Tails! Boruto turns to the toad to ask about the ten tails’ whereabouts. It confirms that Code hasn’t made any suspicious moves to make it disappear while Code looks surprised at the Toad.

As they speak, a person gets up from behind and Boruto begins to worrying that he’s late. Suddenly, Code calls the person ‘Bug’. Boruto clarifies that he is no longer Bug saying that he is a divine tree. 

Bug lunges at Boruto attacking him. He asks if Boruto has come to sacrifice himself and addresses him as an Ohtsutsuki. Code gets attacked too and Boruto asks Code for his help to escape the situation.

Meanwhile, tensions arise in Konoha between Sarada and Kawaki arguing about Boruto’s appearance. Sarada warns Kawaki that she won’t let him have his way around Konoha. A strange hooded man launches himself at Boruto with Chidori and Boruto defends himself with Rasengan.

Boruto soon gets trapped in one of their attacks and Code escapes the scene. Boruto, helpless against them, teleports back to the Hideout. The hovering divine tree consciousness finally speaks saying that he cannot hide forever. Back at the hideout, we see Boruto lying against a tree. The most anticipated appearance, Koji Kashin comes out. As they speak we see a person in the tree, who is none other than Sasuke. 

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Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5 Release Date

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5 release date is on 20 December 2023. The release time in various time zones is listed below:

  • Pacific Time (Los Angeles, Vancouver) 7:00 AM PST
  • Mountain Time (Calgary, Denver) 8:00 AM MST
  • Central Time (Chicago, Regina) 9:00 AM CST
  • Eastern Time (New York, Toronto) 10:00 AM EST
  • Atlantic Time (Halifax, Fredericton) 11:00 AM AST
  • Brazil (Brasília Time) 12:00 PM BST
  • UK and Ireland 3:00 PM GMT
  • Europe 4:00 PM CEST
  • Moscow 6:00 PM MSK
  • India 8:30 PM IST
  • Vietnam and Thailand 10:00 PM ICT
  • Philippines 11:00 PM PHT

You can read the upcoming chapter and the latest chapter on the Shonen Jump app and Viz med.

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5 Theories and Spoilers

The villians are the new KARA

We can make such an assumption just because of how close both Jigen and the hovering Divine tree consciousness look alike. Not only that, but the other two characters, Bug and a woman look like Moegi Kazamatsuri. Not only that, they have the same goals as KARA. That’s one thing to look out for. There are a lot of ongoing theories about each member of the newly formed villains. Fans are calling the newly formed group of four, The Shinji Four. As the name translates, Four clones of the ten tails. 

Who is the Chidori user

We see a member of the four using Chidori against Boruto, that’s interesting. You know what’s more intriguing? That person looks almost similar to Sasuke and the even more intriguing thing is that Sasuke has been turned into a tree. Too much information right, Let’s slow down with our theories. Well yes, we were all surprised when he used Chidori, and his looking similar adds more to it. Let’s try and build a theory now. Remember when Sasuke first finds the location of Ten-Tails, he interacts with the surroundings and the ancient scriptures. Do they play a part in Sasuke becoming a tree? Nevertheless, we will have to wait for Kishimoto sensei to clear all our questions.  

Is Code the reason behind the villians

We know that the ten tails have been used as just a tool by many users. Obito, Akatsuki, Madara for the infinite Tsukiyomi, and Jigen for his power. When Code found the ten tails, he began to play the doctor and make footsoldiers out of it. So basically he was trying to help the ten tails and create new and enhanced zetsu out of the chakra that is fed to it. Is this why the new villain looks like Sasuke with all the Rinnegan and Chidori? We’ll have to wait. 

Koji might become an ally

One of the questions people have after the latest chapter is why Koji is helping Boruto. He is the one who has trained Boruto in Sage-art and probably the training of the new Rasengan. Speculations are that he is the one who taught Boruto the flying Raijin jutsu. But he doesn’t seem to be an ally. He is just worried that the world might be in danger rather than playing the card of an ally and teacher. 

What to Expect

Well, it would be great to slow down the pace and explain what is happening right now and that would be perfectly suitable given the cliffhanger of the chapter. We can also expect the next chapter to focus on what is happening in Konoha. It can also focus on Sarada who is portrayed as a character against Kawaki’s decisions.

Fans are feel after the latest chapter, the manga might have skipped too far. Comments have been coming saying that this is too much to handle at once. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered. Fans are predicting the next chapter to explain what happened with Sasuke and Boruto’s training.  

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5 Raw and Leaks

The raw scans can be expected around 15 December 2023, and hopefully, we can expect the predictions to come true. Stay tuned with Orianime for more updates about Boruto.

-Written by Rishwik Talluri