Bucchigiri Anime: Wiki, Main Characters & Plot (2024)

Bucchigiri anime is another upcoming project of Studio Mappa that is about to release. As we all know, Mappa is the best anime studio right now that continually releases masterpieces. Some of their recent releases are Hell’s Paradise, Chainsaw Man, Jujutsu Kaisen, Vinland Saga, Attack on Titan, God of High School, and so on.

So, it is quite clear that Bucchigiri anime might also become the great hit of the year as Mappa’s other recent projects. Moreover, it is an original anime that does not have any manga or light novel counterparts. As a result, no one told me anything about its performance before it aired. However, we will bring you some of the most important things about the series so that you can get an idea of it. So let’s dive straight into this informative anime wiki

Bucchigiri Anime: Wiki

Bucchigiri Anime Wiki
Source: Bucchigiri Anime Trailer

Bucchigiri is an upcoming original anime created by two well-known companies and two well-known creators. Studio Mappa will take charge of its animation production, while Toho Company will take charge of its distribution. Moreover, Taku Kishimoto, one of the best anime screenwriters in Japan, is chosen as the screenwriter of the series.

He did screenwriting for most of your favorite anime, such as Bluelock, Ranking of Kings, Haikyu, Erased, Fruit Basket, and many more. On the other hand, the Bucchigiri anime will be directed by Hiroko Utsumi, one of the best anime directors of all time. He directed plenty of anime masterpieces, such as Hell’s Paradise, My Hero Academia, Dororo, Bungou Stray Dogs, Clannad, Banana Fish, and many more.

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As you can see, Taku Kishimoto and Hiroko Utsumi are talented, and Mappa and Toho are great. As a result, it is very obvious that the Bucchigiri anime is not an ordinary anime and will definitely become one of the biggest hits of 2024


The Bucchigiri anime mainly follows the story of a high school student named Arajin Tomoshibi. His only dream is to enjoy his school life to the fullest. In order to fulfill his dream, he transferred to a new high school, “Ichizu High School,” which is unfortunately filled with delinquent students.

As a result, Arajin feels dissatisfied but happy to see his childhood friend, Matakara Asamine there. Moreover, there are mainly threegroups of students, i.e., the Minato Kai Team, the Siguma Squad Team, and the Ng Boys Team, who rule over the school. These teams compete with each other to get the position of top team.

On the other hand, Matakara Asamine belongs to the Minato Kai Team, which eventually brought Arajin into their series of battles. Now, it’s very interesting to see how Arajin handles this drastic turn in his destiny and joins his childhood friend’s team.

Main Characters:

Main Characters
Source: Bucchigiri Anime Trailer

1. Arajin Tomoshibi

Arajin Tomoshibi is the main character of the Bucchigiri anime. He is an ordinary high school boy who just wants enjoyment in his life. Knowing the new school is filled with delinquents, he feels very sad and regrets his choice to attend.

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As Arajin meets Matakara Asamine, he unfortunately gets involved in a series of battles with the school’s different teams.

2. Matakara Asamine

Matakara Asamine is a tall and handsome guy who has an attractive look and stylish, messy hair. He is a childhood friend of Arajin and is very happy to see him at Ichizu High School.

Due to belonging to a popular gang in a delinquent school, Asamine also had a very delinquent yet captivating look. His delinquency and tallphysique are more than enough to indicate that he is incredibly good at fighting.

3. Senya

Senya is the most mysterious character in the Bucchigiri anime, whose information and details are yet to be revealed. He is a huge, muscular guy with shoulder-length red hair and attractive six-pack abs.

His clothing sense and historical fashion accessories provide him with an attractive yet mysterious look. Seeing his fashion sense and broad physique, it is quite clear that he is not an ordinary human but rather belongs to a mysterious species.

4. Mahoro

Mahoro is the cutest girl at Ichizu High School and a classmate of Arajin. She had long black hair that she styled in the most beautiful way, consisting of two round buns.

Her adorable pink eyes and sweet voice are the major reasons for her cuteness. Moreover, her school uniform also suits her the most and provides her with an attractive look.

5. Marito

Marito is the most fashionable character in the Bucchigiri anime. His attractive physique and stylish hairstyle provide him with a very stylishlook. He wears countless fashion accessories, including chains, rings, ear piercings, bracelets, watches, and so on.

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Moreover, he also had a captivating butterfly tattoo on his left shoulder. He is the leader of the Siguma Squad Team and has a great rivalry with Kenichiro, the leader of the Minato Kai Team.

6. Akutaro

Akutaro is the leader of the NG Boys Team, whom everyone calls Emperor. Everyone within the team always talks to him with respect. He had long blue hair that he styled in a delinquent way, including braids. His delinquent look is the most proper one that greatly helps him to maintain his dignity in the team.

Where To Watch Bucchigiri Anime? 

Plot of Bucchigiri
Source: Bucchigiri Anime Trailer

The Bucchigiri anime will be released on several Japanese television networks and anime streaming platforms.

You can watch it on the following Japanese TV networks starting January 13, 2024, at 23:00 JST:

  • TV Tokyo
  • TV Osaka
  • TV Aichi
  • TV Setouchi
  • TV Hokkaido
  • TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting

Moreover, At-X, a popular Japanese TV network, will begin airing this upcoming anime on January 18, 2024, at 23:30 JST. You can also watch the Bucchigiri anime on Crunchyroll starting January 13, 2024. On the other hand, it will also be released on Hulu and Netflix on January 14, 2024.

That’s it for today’s post! We hope you found this anime wiki to be useful and know everything about Bucchigiri Anime. Stay tuned for more anime wiki and upcoming anime releases.