Chainsaw Man Chapter 119: On A Two-Week Break! Publication Date

Most readers won’t take well to the current chapter update. The release has been pushed back, so that explains the update. According to Viz Media’s most up-to-date publication schedule, the next chapter will be released in around two weeks. The manga’s timetable now follows this pattern with surprising consistency. Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 comes up next for the month. Haruka Iseumi, the fangirl gone insane, will be the focus of this chapter’s development. In this article, you will get all the information you want.

As the plot progresses, Asa and Denji’s relationship will go through numerous highs and lows. They’re headed to the former’s place for a movie night. The reality of the trip, however, will be very different from the initial impression.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 119

Chainsaw Man Chapter 119: What Happens Next?

Asa emphasized how expensive it was for the two of them to see a movie in the chapter’s last scene. The group ultimately opted to rent the film on DVD and watch it at home. And Denji’s role in the ultimate scheme was settled upon. Before they committed to anything, though, Denji cautioned that if she broke his rules, it may lead to a horrible death.

Now, further background about Haruka may be found in Chainsaw Man Chapter 119. Not much is known about this strange young man. But what we do know is that he attempted to establish a reputation as the first chainsaw guy. But in reality, he is merely a fan of the hero who appeared not too long ago.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 119

Previous Chapter Summary!

“Saying Goodbye” was the title of the 118th chapter of Chainsaw Man. Asa and Yoru’s talk opened the chapter. The devil has stated that up until this point, all of their efforts to convert Denji should have been successful. But Asa argued it was impossible to change someone unless they felt the same way about you. This, however, was not the case. Asa then left to get some much-needed sleep. But then she asked how Fami was doing.

According to Yoru, she was the Famine Devil, whom he had not seen in a very long time. Rather than stay awake and answer all of her inquiries, the demon gave up and went to sleep. She couldn’t sleep because her mind kept wandering to Denji and how he treated her coldly. Denji invited Asa to a movie night the following day, but she declined. At this point, the chapter ended with Haruka spying on the pair.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 119

Chainsaw Man Chapter 119: Publication Date

The number of people looking for the 119th chapter increased dramatically just after the 118th was released. A definitive publication date for the new chapters has not yet been set as of this writing. So, on February 1, 2023, fans may read Chainsaw Man Chapter 119. Only on Viz Media and Shonen’s official sites will fans be able to read the latest chapters of the manga.