Chainsaw Man Chapter 122: Release Date Postponed? Publication Date & More Details

Most people have been wondering why Chapter 122 of Chainsaw Man hasn’t been released yet. To that end, your questions have been broken down into their respective subheadings below. Asa dealt with the difficulties of being in a relationship in the most recent chapter. As if it weren’t bad enough, Denji had his own problems to deal with. At the same time, Denji and Nayuta both felt the presence of the devil. There is no need to waste your time reading this; it has all the information you want for the new one.

To see what Denji has cooked up for the next one, read the previous one. He will undoubtedly join forces with Nayuta to vanquish Satan. But, it is also conceivable that this demon has no ill intentions against them.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 122

Chainsaw Man Chapter 122: Release Date Postponed?

No such hiatus has been announced for Chainsaw Man Chapter 122, which is great news for fans. It’s just that the next one wants to push back its release date. After a span of two weeks, the majority of the CSM chapters were released. The most recent one is no different in this regard. The better news is that the most of the break time has already elapsed. That means it’s possible that fans won’t have to wait more than a week for the next installment.

Previous Chapter Summary!

‘The Theory of Happiness’ was the title of Chapter 121 in Chainsaw Man. According to the implication of the title, the majority of the trip was spent with Denji musing on the nature and origin of joy. The first scene shows Asa and Yoshida chatting. Furthermore, they were club guests at the Demon Hunters’ Society. Yoshida recommended they have a cup of tea together. As they strolled along, Asa realized that Yoshida was the only person she had ever seen him spend significant time with.

So quickly did she conclude that he must have feelings for her. This was her second time experiencing these emotions this week. After that, she started taking all of his cues seriously. Yoshida, though, was aware of this. Because of this, he told her the truth. He claimed that the only reason he was hanging out with her was so that she could finally get over Denji. This caused her to experience a second bout of heartbreak.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 122

We observe Denji and Nayuta seated on the opposite side of the street. Now, the lady saw right away that the devil was present close by. But, none of them were willing to take the time to check on it. We see that Asa was once more feeling let down in the chapter’s last act. She nearly fell in love twice in a week. She was unable to deal with this at any cost, and it was a problem.

What Happens Next?

However, the last chapter’s climactic act introduced a few intriguing new demons. Both Denji and Nayuta felt that something was very wrong with their surroundings. Nayuta said that they were surrounded by demons. He promised to investigate after hearing this. More than ever, it’s clear that a brawl is ready to break out. Once again, Denji and Nayuta will be working together.

And this two-on-two battle will be the bulk of what Chapter 122 of Chainsaw Man is about. On the flip side, a new Asa appears every single day. Our last glimpse of her was when she was completely absorbed by her feelings for Denji. The girl was barred from participating in any extracurricular activities because of Yoru. Yoshida, though, was the one person for whom she started developing feelings.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 122

In light of the fact that she is being turned down on every front at the same time, she may decide to completely alter her personality. As time goes on, this will become an important part of the next story. What happens next will definitely be worth seeing!

Chainsaw Man Chapter 122: Publication Date

As of this writing, there has been no change in when the next one will be out. Thus, the release date announced on Viz Media’s official sites for Chainsaw Man Chapter 122 is the final and binding release date. As a result, March 8, 2023 will serve as the definitive premiere date for the new installment. This manga can only be read in its entirety on the official Viz Media, Shonen, and MangaPlus websites. In the event that the situation changes, we will make sure to update this area.