Chapter 1073 Of One Piece: Stussy’s Loyalty Is At Stake! Launch Date

Unquestionably, One Piece Chapter 1073 will examine a really exciting plot and fresh information. Finally, the manga will delve into Stussy’s history and how she came to be with Vegapunk. Fans are curious to find out, especially since Lucci began to question her allegiance. Meanwhile, many are already perplexed by the Vegapunk narrative. This is because he appears to have a lot of secrets. So get ready to investigate each of them.

The innovation developed by Dr. Vegapunk and its application in combat will be the subject of chapter 1073. Stussy’s employer and how she became an agent will be revealed to Lucci at last. Above all, the next chapter will focus on Stussy’s loyalty, which has always been a contentious topic. Read on to learn more.

One PieceWhat Will Happen Next In One Piece Chapter 1073?

One Piece Chapter 1073’s title has not yet been made public, however the manga begins with a cover page that features Dr. Vegapunk and other MADS scientists. The other scientists are repulsed by the idea of Dr. Vegapunk’s tank’s innovation, which produces flowers, but he appears happy with it. It casts doubt on the motives of the other researchers. Lucci, in the meantime, speaks of Stussy’s commitment. She isn’t faithful to him, in his opinion. When she attacks Lucci with her Paper Arts: Heartbreak After Image move, it also seems sincere.

She makes fun of him before weakening Lucci with a Sea Prism Stone lipstick tube. He allows her to use her fangs to drain him, just like she did to Kaku. This appears more practical because she later compliments their strength and the fact that she can’t compete fairly with them. As Lucci falls, Stussy also begs for pardon. She then shares her achievement with others. The Vegapunk Satellites applaud her. Zoro and Brook take the initiative to stop the Seraphim attack in the meanwhile. Zoro will face difficulties when Vegapunk Lilith and Vegapunk Edison join the conflict.

One PieceA Brief Recap

Jewelry Bonney became into a toddler in One Piece Chapter 1072 and began wailing for something. Dr. Vegapunk approached her out of sympathy to find out what had happened, but it turned out to be her plan. She used the special move dubbed “Distorted Future” to alter her appearance as soon as Vegapunk approached and made an attempt to hit him with a pipe. But she didn’t notice when Vegapunk begged for his life to be spared. She continued nonetheless and used Age Skewer, another attack, to take him down. Later, Bonney interrogated him. She questioned his decision to steal Bartholomew Kuma’s characteristics.

However, Bonney was astounded by the justification. Vegapunk disclosed that he made a pledge to Kuma to never tell her about this. He disclosed that Kuma was blasted off the Red Line. He persisted in repelling the Marines in spite of this. When Bonney finally opened the door after initially refusing to believe it, Vegapunk had a flashback to the time he had been with Kuma. It appeared that Vegapunk pleaded with Kuma to allow him to investigate his memories. Back in the present, he warned Bonney to avoid the bubble since it was so unpleasant that it could cause death. She did, however, remind Vegapunk that she was aware of her father’s abilities.

One PieceChapter 1073 Of One Piece: Publication Date

The release of One Piece Chapter 1073 is scheduled for January 29, 2023, at midnight. It will finally make clear how our heroes will handle Edison and Lilith. It is available for reading on MangaPlus, Viz Media, and Shonen Jump.