Chapter 204 Of Blue Lock: “In The Top 3!” Release Date And Story

Fortunately for the fans, the release of the new chapter is uninterrupted. Blue Lock Chapter 204 will be the next for the week. The aftermath of Bastard Munchen’s victory took up the most of the previous chapter. Isagi was declared the match’s lone carrier. He persisted in fighting for his squad till the last goal. However, Yukimiya ended up being the one to fire that shot. What is currently in Isagi’s bag? Here is all the information you require about the chapter.

Fans will catch up with several intriguing plotlines in the upcoming chapter. The talk between Isagi and Nao is the first item that can catch up. The captain will go over the organization’s financial operations.

Blue LockWhat Will Take Place Next In Blue Lock Chapter 204?

The following chapter will be titled “Brothers-in-Arms.” According to previously disclosed story elements, the chapter will begin with Isagi opening his eyes in Noel Noa’s chamber. He had slept for eleven hours straight, the captain informed him. In addition, he requested some water and coffee. He soon began experiencing flashbacks from the prior game. He assured his idol that he would soon defeat Kaiser with “his purpose.”

The discussion will become more business-related in the second half of Blue Lock Chapter 204. Noa will now inform him that twenty members of Blue Lock have received offers from several clubs. Isagi Yoichi was now the center of Blue Lock, and Noa was delighted to announce this. He is also among the top three players overall. Isagi won’t have time to respond to that because the story will end soon.

Recap Of The Prior Chapter

“Overheat” was the subtitle for Blue Lock Chapter 203. Delivering the ultimate blow is Yukimiya’s first action in the chapter. Isagi also made it possible for the ultimate objective to be achieved. As a result, the Bastard Munchens emerged as the match’s undisputed winners. Later, Yukimiya snuck by practically everyone to approach Isagi. He said that he was the only reason he could achieve that aim.

Isagi is also sorry to him. He continues by saying that he was unable to pursue that objective. He was being pursued by Kaiser. And there was a danger that he would have denied him the opportunity. Isagi started to seem exhausted at the conclusion. Kaiser showed up to congratulate him on his win. Isagi finally gave in to tiredness and passed out.

Blue LockRelease Date For Chapter 204 Of Blue Lock

The good news for the week is that the new one is still being released uninterrupted. As a result, the match’s aftereffects will last for the following two days. The precise publication date of Blue Lock Chapter 204 is January 25, 2023, as there won’t be any delays. Only on the official Kodansha pages will fans be able to read the entire manga.