Chapter 227 Of Weak Hero: Ben vs. Gerard? Release Date And Story

Here is Ben! Ben ultimately shows up to assist Eugene’s buddies, who have been asking for outside assistance, in Weak Hero Chapter 227. Fans are interested in finding out Donald’s motivations as the Eugene vs. Donald arc continues. Is Eugene aware of something he wishes to keep secret? When a new character is revealed, the mystery keeps changing. The manhwa will finally expose the truth in Weak Hero Chapter 227 after making everything more complicated. Read on to learn more.

The 227th chapter will examine what happened when Eugene’s companions and Donald’s thugs engaged in combat. They have now advanced to a point where turning back is not an option. The Forrest Lee team is confident that they can defeat them. It will be harder for them after Ben gets here, though. He won’t abandon them in this state.

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What Will Take Place Next In Weak Hero Chapter 227?

The battle’s aftermath will be the subject of the following chapter. Ben, Gerard, and Teddy are now encircling Forrest Lee. He is totally entrapped and has nowhere to go. He has no choice except to give up and cease looking for Eugene. However, if he does so, Donald will take Lee’s place and expel him from his squad. It’s unfortunate for him and his goons that they lost the battle despite outnumbering them.

Lee will therefore panic and attempt to influence events in his favor. Gerard advises him to leave the area immediately and never come back, though. Gray is en route back now that they have resolved the issue. He desires Eugene’s security. Possibly the scene will shift to the hospital, where everyone will rush to help Eugene with his medical needs. However, it is still unknown why Donald singled out Eugene.

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A Brief Recap

Gray had already fought a thug in Weak Hero Chapter 226 and left him perplexed. But then he recalled he was holding Gray, and he looked surprised. But in an instant, everything changed, and he found himself on the ground being thrashed severely by Gray. He quickly reenacted the incident to discover how Gray eluded his trap, kicked him in the leg, then punched him in the face. Then, when Gray left, the guy turned to Wolf and apologized for not following his instructions. Ben soon arrived on the battlefield to save Eugene as the action quickly changed.

Gerard and Teddy were restrained from dragging Eugene along by Forrest Lee and his crew. Lee emphasized that Donald wanted to visit Eugene in any circumstance. Ben, however, became enraged and began punching those close to him. The thugs made every effort to keep him from getting to Lee. But they fell short. The goons slumped to the ground one by one, covered in blood. However, Teddy pushed down a man who attempted to strike Ben from behind. He quickly hit the ground. but persisted and continued to battle Teddy until Ben brought Lee’s final team member to the ground.

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Release Date For Chapter 227 Of Weak Hero

Now everyone will understand Donald’s relationship with Eugene and the reason for his intense desire for him. On January 7, 2022, Weak Hero Chapter 227 will be released. You may read it on the Kakao and Naver Webtoon pages.