Chapter 232 Of Eleceed: The Search For Jiwoo’s Mother! Plot & Date Of Release

When Jiwoo’s mother goes missing, he becomes concerned. She doesn’t respond when he tries to get in touch with her. They travel to her apartment with his friend Kayden, where they discover it to be cold and empty. They decide to find out the truth because they feel something is wrong. However, the story takes an exciting turn when they run into unforeseen difficulties. What information does Jiwoo’s mother conceal? The plot and publication date for Eleceed Chapter 232 are provided below.

Jiwoo will attempt to find out what is going on with this mother the next time in Eleceed Chapter 232. He must also take a vacation from the chaotic state of the story right now. So continue reading to learn more!

EleceedEleceed Chapter 232: What Will Occur After That?

Jiwoo and Kayden begin Eleceed Chapter 232 by attempting to ascertain what happened to Jiwoo’s mother. They will search the vacant apartment for any hints. They eventually find a secret room after some time of looking. They discover a diary that belonged to Jiwoo’s mother inside the space. Jiwoo’s mother had to go into hiding to protect Jiwoo and herself, according to the diary.

This revelation shocks and breaks Jiwoo’s heart, but he also understands that his mother has been attempting to shield him all along. With the aid of Kayden and the other cats, he makes the decision to find her and save her. They visit various cities while conducting research and obtaining information. In Eleceed Chapter 232, they may at last locate her in a little village.

EleceedA Brief Recap

Jiwoo was concerned in the previous chapter of Eleceed, Chapter 231, because his mother hadn’t gotten in touch with him in the previous three days. She typically got in touch with him at least once a month, so this was unusual. Jiwoo was upset despite the efforts of his friends to calm him down because his mother had never missed a call or text in the five years he had been living apart from her. Jiwoo was advised to get in touch with his mother by Kayden.

She didn’t answer, though. Jiwoo made the decision to call and inquire about the situation. But they still got no response. Then Kayden suggested Jiwoo to see his mother, so the two of them went on a journey. But when they got to his mother’s house, they discovered that it had been abandoned and was now empty. Jiwoo discovered that his mother had been mailing him letters and packages from this address. He questioned whether she was trying to cover up anything.

EleceedEleceed Chapter 232: Launch Date

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