Cour 2 of Dark Isekai Anime “Death Mount Death Play” to Debut this Fall

Death Mount Death Play is a criminally underrated anime that has taken us on a bizarre yet intriguing journey of Corpse God. This excellent anime falls under the isekai genre but takes a different approach, which has attracted a loyal fanbase.

The first cour of the anime aired in April. Before the fans could even wonder about the next cour, the information about the series has been released. So here’s everything you need to know about this intriguing series.

The official website for “Dead Mount Death Play” anime revealed the key visual and teaser promotional video of the anime’s second cour. The second part will premiere on October 9, 2023.

This new trailer acts as a recap video and shows the events that transpired in cour one and the characters introduced. The trailer also introduces new characters for the next cour to keep fans excited.

The official website has also revealed a new key visual featuring all the major characters, including the Corpse King, Polka Shinomiya, Takumi Kuruya, Misaki Sakiyama, and Tsubaki Iwanome.

Cour 2 of Dark Isekai Anime Death Mount Death Play to Debut this Fall
Death Mount Dead Play, Cour 2, Key Visual | Source: Official Website
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Most of the staff members will be returning for the second cour of Dead Mount Death Play. However, the official website announced that Yoshihiro Satsuma will replace Manabu Ono as the director.

Manabu is now supervising the series’ script and is supervising the direction. With Ono watching, we don’t have to worry about the quality and the authenticity of the show.

Inori Minase, who voices Misaki Sakimiya in the series, is performing the anime’s new opening theme song, “Scrap Art,” Yūma Uchida, who voices Takumi Kuruya, is performing the new ending theme song, “Hope.”

The first cour ended with the conclusion of a fight between Solitaire escaping while Lemmings is seen falling. However, the Shinomiya maid caught the girl in the raincoat.

The post-credits scene also left us with quite a cliffhanger as they introduced a sibling pair, and the woman seems to have fangs. The second cour will pick up from Chapter 35 of the manga and have more intense fights and dirty politics.

Most fans picked up this anime, fully expecting it to be a trash isekai, but were utterly taken aback by this beautiful show. Now, fans genuinely like this anime and are entirely excited for October.

About Dead Mount Death Play

Dead Mount Death Play is a Japanese manga series written by Ryohgo Narita and illustrated by Shinta Fujimoto. It began serialization in October 2017 and has an anime television series adaptation slated for April 2023.

The story follows Corpse God who uses a reincarnation spell during his fight with the hero, Calamity Crusher. Corpse God is reborn in the body of Polka Shinoyama who has some assassins on his trail.

Source: Official Website

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