Cursed By The Dragon Is The Magical Girl Revolution Episode 6! Release Date And Story

On a battlefield, Anisphia and Euphyllia are confronted with a ferocious stampede brought on by monsters. Anisphia enters the ruckus with her magic broom and a special potion. She is prepared to slay the monster and establish her mettle as a genuine magician. The dragon, however, is too powerful! Will she succumb to the curse? The Magical Girl Revolution Episode 6’s narrative and release date are detailed below.

The plot will determine whether or not both girls succeed in slaying the dragon in the upcoming chapter of The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady. Their future is in jeopardy. So continue reading to learn more!

The Magical Girl RevolutionThe Magical Girl Revolution Episode 6: What Will Occur After That?

“Getting to the Truth of the Annulment and the Fascination” will be the subtitle for The Magical Girl Revolution Episode 6. The curse may not have been completely lifted when Anisphia and Euphyllia return to the realm in the following episode as heroes. Anisphia begins to have odd visions and remarkable powers that she has never experienced before. Euphyllia becomes concerned and begins to do more research. Their investigation takes them to a secret temple tucked away in the wilderness.

They will discover an old book there that contains the key to lifting the curse. They are ambushed by an unidentified enemy that wants the book for themselves, though, just as they are starting to learn the truth. Euphyllia and Anisphia are compelled to leave. And they need to figure out a method to safeguard the book and reveal its contents before it ends up in the wrong hands. With the book in hand and the unidentified attacker pursuing them, the episode closes with Anisphia and Euphyllia on the run.

The Magical Girl RevolutionA Brief Recap

A Magic Medicine and a Magic Sword Subdue a Magic Dragon was the subtitle for The Magical Girl Revolution Episode 5. Anisphia and Euphyllia enter the conflict to aid knights and confront a dragon-caused monster stampede. Anisphia uses a potent drug to boost her power as they battle the animals with their combined magic and strength. She is ready to use her tools to slay the dragon as she soars into the air on her magic broom. However, the dragon erects a magical wall.

It countered her blows and used a breath attack to bring her to the ground. Anisphia is about to be saved by Euphyllia, but she is prepared to use her own “magic” to slay the dragon. A magic sword is used by Anisphia and Euphyllia to pierce the dragon’s defenses and slay it. The dragon curses Anisphia after being slain by sending its soul into her through telepathy. The princess struggles to blend in at the victory party, and Euphyllia experiences social anxiety with men because she called off her engagement. The two women embrace their bond as they dance on the balcony and find peace in one another.

The Magical Girl RevolutionThe Magical Girl Revolution Episode 6: Launch Date

Fans have good news! This week on Wednesday, the anime will make a comeback. On February 8, 2023, The Magical Girl Revolution Episode 6 will air. Fans can watch the program in the interim on Crunchyroll.