Demon Slayer Hashira Names and Ranking Strongest to Weakest

Explore the world of Demon Slayer and discover the ranking of Hashira, the elite demon slayers, from strongest to weakest.

Demon Slayer Hashira Names and Ranking Strongest to Weakest

Demon Slayer Hashira Names

Sr. No.Hashira NamesTypes 
1Gyomei HimejimaThe Stone Hashira
2Kyojuro RengokuThe Flame Hashira
3Giyu TomiokaThe Water Hashira
4Sanemi ShinazugawaThe Wind Hashira
5Tengen UzuiThe Sound Hashira
6Obanai IguroThe Snake Hashira
7Mitsuri KanrojiThe Love Hashira
8Muichiro TokitoThe Mist Hashira
9Shinobu KochoThe Insect Hashira

Hashira Ranking Strongest to Weakest

The Stone Hashira – Gyomei Himejima

Gyomei is the strongest Hashira because he is big and powerful. He is respected by all and acts like the group’s leader. He is also sensitive and caring.

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Kyojuro Rengoku – Flame Hashira

Rengoku is a very confident fighter who is great at using fire. His ability to save many lives aboard a train shows his strength and bravery. Sadly, he lost his life to a strong demon.

Giyu Tomioka – Water Hashira

Giyu is composed and powerful. His effectiveness comes from his mastery of using water to defeat demons. He believed it was important to give something a chance, even allowing a demon to survive.

Sanemi Shinazugawa – Wind Hashira

Sanemi is extremely fast and hates demons. He is a powerful competitor because of his speed and skill at using the wind to his advantage.

Tengen Uzui – Sound Hashira

Tengen Uzui is a fearless fighter who carries huge weapons that he throws quickly. He even defeated a very powerful demon in battle, he suffered severe injuries.

Obanai Iguro – Snake Hashira

Obanai Iguro is a strange man with a difficult background. Though he does not have physical strength, he has good fighting skills and intelligence.

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Mitsuri Kanroji – Love Hashira

Mitsuri is sensitive and has a unique blade that demons find hard to predict. She may be strong, but she also has a deep love for her friends.

Muichiro Tokito – Mist Hashira

Muichiro is a young man who prefers to remain to himself. Although he is still learning, he has the capacity to get stronger.

Shinobu Kocho – Insect Hashira

Shinobu is clever and fights demons with poison instead of force. Despite her lack of physical strength, she is extremely clever and capable of handling her own.


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