Detective Conan The Black Iron Submarine: New Promo, Trailer, Publication Date & More

Once again, the anime industry has produced something fresh and innovative. The official website for Meitantei Conan has revealed that the series will be adapted into animation. After all, what could be more exciting than a story about a mysterious group and a revolutionary new drug? Conan is still investigating murders while searching for the persons responsible for shrinking him. Detective Conan: The Black Iron Submarine’s cast, crew, and air date have all been revealed on the official website. Here is everything you need to know about the changes without wasting much of your time.

The year 2000 saw Meitantei Conan win the 46th annual Shogakukan Manga Award for best shounen manga. Over 150 million copies of this manga have been sold as of 2015. This makes it the sixth best-selling manga series of all time. “Case Closed” has been serialized in English by VIZ Media’s Shonen Sunday magazine weekly beginning September 7, 2004. The Japanese versions of Detective Conan are also published by Shogakukan Asian. Shogakukan Asian has also been releasing the Detective Conan Kaito Kid Special Collection from July 2017, which is a compilation of cases starring Kaito Kuroba.

Detective Conan The Black Iron Submarine: New Promotional Image

The highly anticipated 26th Detective Conan film is finally about to debut. An official trailer has not yet been published for Detective Conan Movie: The Iron Submarine, but ToHo Animation has created a teaser trailer to build anticipation amongst fans. The trailer premiered on November 30, 2022, which is now. In this 30-second footage, Gin can be seen conversing with Ai Haibara while pointing a pistol at her head. Everybody is aware that Haibara is in the crosshairs of the Black Organization. His family’s medication was used by the Black Panther Party. After discovering his family had been slain, he quickly made his escape. A key picture from the next TV anime feature has just been unveiled.

Detective Conan The Black Iron Submarine

Plot Informations

One of two former members of the group, Ai Haibara (real name Shiho Miyano) or her alias Sherry, will be the center of the film. His physique shrunk after taking APTX 4869, same like Conan Edogawa (actual name Sinichi Kudo). Confidently, Conan will free Haibara from the Black Organization’s clutches. At the end of the trailer, Conan is seen swimming in the sea. Later, Haibara seeks comfort from Conan (Sinichi Kudo).

The majority of the story occurs on Hachijo Jima, an island located south of Tokyo. The film’s original title was The Detective Conan Movie. Sonoko Suzuki was invited by Conan and the others investigating the case to go whale watching with them. Conan learns that Gin murdered an Interpol agent in Germany via Subaru Okiya, a fellow guest on the Pacific Buoy cruise ship. While in Pacific Buoy, Conan heard rumors of a mysterious group called the Black Organization, and he decided to go into them. As far as the public is concerned, members of the Black Organization kidnapped a female engineer and made off with a USB drive with crucial data while she was in their custody.

Detective Conan The Black Iron Submarine

Detective Conan The Black Iron Submarine: Publication Date

The film adaptation of Aoyama Gosho’s manga reveals widespread presence of Black Organization members. Drinks like gin, vodka, vermouth, and kir are just a few examples of great brand names. As it turns out, the official release date of the film in Japan is April 14, 2023. There’s no guarantee that this movie will play in cinemas.