Does Jeanette Margarita play the Villain in “Who Made Me a Princess”?

The play “Who Made Me a Princess?” has Jeanette Margarita in a supporting role. ‘The Lovely Princess’ is a work of fiction in which she stars as the main character. In the entire show, she is among the most angelic characters.

However, she is first portrayed as a villain in the manhwa because of her role in Athenasia’s demise. As the show went on, we learned more about her and came to the conclusion that she was one of the sweetest, most harmless people around.

Let’s investigate Jeannette further to determine why everyone took her to be the antagonist.

Contrary to popular belief, Jeanette is not the antagonist of “Who Made Me a Princess?” but rather a prominent supporting character. Anastacius, her father, took advantage of her good nature and naiveté to gain access to Claude.

As a villain, why did Jeanette get this reputation?

Claude, in the previous timeline, had abandoned his daughter before he found Jeanette and adopted her. She softly charmed Claude, and his heart thawed. Since Claude blamed Atty for Jeanette’s death, he ended up killing her.

Many people had the false belief that Jeanette was a villainous white lotus because of her complicity in Atty’s killing. They all blamed her, thinking she had planned everything!

But that wasn’t the case at all; instead, Jeanette was a good person who desperately wanted a family. She thought of Atty and Claude as her brothers and sisters.

Who is the true bad guy in “Who Made Me a Princess?”

Anastacius, Jeanette’s father, is the real bad guy here because he plotted evil with the help of his innocent daughter.

When his paternal approach to Jeanette fails, he resorts to dark magic and runs the risk of destroying her spirit. He assures her he will not tell anyone about her. When she reveals that she is royalty, he seems surprised and swears to protect her identity.

He takes advantage of her trust to get close to Claude, but as he learns how she defines family, he begins to like her more.

Anastacius, The True Villain of ‘Who Made Me A Princess?’
Anastacius, The True Villain of ‘Who Made Me A Princess?’

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