Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89: Next Generation Fighters! Publication Date & Plot

A new arc in the Dragon Ball saga began when Goku and Vegeta abruptly fled Planet Cereal. This is Black Freiza, the newest manga bad guy. The audience was confident they had identified the bad guy. However, Whis revealed a stunning truth: the strongest being in the cosmos has not yet appeared. We have to wonder who this mystery individual may be. Read on for details on when you can expect to see Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89 in the series.

Dragon Ball Super is returning after a three-month break that lasted longer than a Namekian year. And this time, it’s not Goku and Vegeta but their successors Goten and Trunks who are getting all the attention. Get ready for some heart-pounding training sequences, some touching father-son moments, and a whole lot of unintended property damage. Keep reading to learn all the juicy specifics!

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89: What Happens Next?

The “Super Hero Arc” will kick off in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89. Now is the opportunity to pause the action and give the audience the love story they deserve. Their passionate relationship will light up the pages. Fans can identify as “shippers” after this section. But have no fear, for this is still Dragon Ball Super and that means action! If you’ve been following the Future Trunks Saga, this is the chapter that will finally offer you the happy ending you’ve been waiting for from a romantic perspective. Fans will get to witness Mai and Trunks in a more realistic environment, namely a school.

In an effort to woo her, Trunks will show off his charm. The chapter has more in store for us than just that, though. Dr. Hedo will be back with a new procedure, as teased in the final panel of Chapter 88. Surely he will place Trunks, Mai, and Goten in a dangerous situation. The future film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will also have a connection to this chapter.Therefore, it’s likely that we’ll see Gohan, Piccolo, and the rest of the cast. How stable is Trunks and Mai’s relationship? Can Dr. Hedo be stopped by Goten and Trunks? Very soon, everything will become clear.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89

A Quick Summary!

In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88, “The Birth of the Superheroes,” we see a peaceful scene with Goku, Whis, Beerus, and the Oracle Fish eating together on Beerus’ planet. But their discussion about the impending danger posed by Black Freiza’s reappearance and the necessity of training to oppose him quickly shatters the tranquility. The focus of the chapter then changes to the first appearance of Trunks and Goten as the superheroes Saiyaman X-1 and Saiyaman X-2, respectively. Using their high school uniforms as cover, the two make regular rounds around the jewelry area of Mosquito Town, looking for signs of illegal activity.

However, their efforts are swiftly tested when they come upon a gang of robbers making off with their loot. Trunks and Goten move quickly, destroying the criminals’ weapons. Quickly, the heroes put down the bandits. At the end of the chapter, the protagonists assumed heroic stances and puffed up their chests to announce their presence as the town’s new guardians. In the chapter’s last moments, a hint was dropped that Goku and Vegeta might not be the main characters after all.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89: Publication Date

It would appear that Dr. Hedo is up to no good again, this time raising money to bring back the Red Ribbon Army. No need to worry, though. On January 19, 2023, fans may pick up a copy of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89. Catching up on everything may be done by visiting Viz Media or Manga Plus.