Dying Light 2’s enraged fans review-bomb title on Steam after update

Games launched after 2020 have been marked by a crunch in development. This time crunch leads to developers being overworked and underpaid, resulting in an unfinished and unsatisfactory product.

Dying Light 2 was one such title, released in 2022, it was buggy on PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X|S. The developers, Techland, however, promptly worked on fixing the bugs.

The quick action on the part of the developers endeared them to the fans, who went on to say that Dying Light 2 was “one of the best zombie games ever made.”

However, fans are unhappy about the new structure of microtransactions included by developers Techland in the “Summer Time Update” of Dying Light 2. DLC and add-ons can now be purchased via the new currency, “Dying Light Points,” which can be bought for local money in packs of 500,1100, 2300, 3600, and 6500.

On top of this, most items are priced at 550 Dying Light Points. This means that players must purchase two packs of 500 or one pack of 1100 for the 50 extra Points they need.

This is incredibly infuriating for most fans who are used to the original system of purchasing DLC or add-ons for local money on a per-item basis.

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This upset has resulted in a review-bombing on Steam, where the title has gone from a “Mostly Positive” rating to a 7/10 “Mixed.” While the unrest in the Dying Light 2 community continues, there’s a chance the rating could drop even further.

Techland has clarified that this move was not driven by greed, but players are unconvinced. They do not believe when Techland said that the new system of microtransactions leads to “more beneficial pricing.”

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Players are convinced that this is a way of pushing players to pay for a chunk of the currency in one go that will be left sitting in their account.

Techland convinced the players that there would also be items of smaller pricing and players could use the left-over Dying Light Points there. The onus is now on Techland to fix their mistakes and prevent enraging the community further that stood by them through thick and thin.

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About Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is a sequel to Techland’s 2015 open-world, zombie parkour action-adventure title Dying Light.

The game puts you in the shoes of Aiden Caldwell and is set 20 years after the first game’s events. You will be based in the City, located in Europe, and have free reign of the map and how you wish to traverse the area. Parkour will be your most used form of transport in the game, and the crafting system is also making a return.

There is also a decision system where your choices through the story affect the world around you. This could lead to more opportunities to earn resources, unlock shortcuts, and, most importantly, make the lives of those in the City more easy or difficult.

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