Edens Zero Chapter 223 Publication Date, Spoilers & Other Informations

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Edens Zero

Hiro Mashima writes and draws the continuing Japanese shōnen manga series Edens Zero.

A human child named Shiki is the protagonist of this narrative. He and his family reside on the desolate planet of Granbell. So, he and his pals set off on a perilous adventure to start over.

Edens Zero
Edens Zero

Edens Zero Chapter 222: A Quick Summary

‘Happy World’ is the name of Edens Zero Chapter 222.

We learnt in the last chapter that Granbell had roughly a millennium’s worth of ether stored up. In addition, Ziggy was the one who ended up resolving the issue.

With Happy still around, Rebecca and Weisz have a unique first encounter. However, in the Zero Universe, Shiki and Rebecca did meet each other.

Edens Zero Chapter 222
Edens Zero Chapter 222

Edens Zero Chapter 223: What Can We Expect?

‘Memory and Ability’ is the title of Edens Zero’s 222nd chapter.

As the chapter’s title implies, the next section may focus on the protagonists rediscovering their full set of skills and experiences.

Unfortunately, this probably means they aren’t as physically robust as they formerly were.

Edens Zero Chapter 223: Publication Date

The next Edens Zero episode will be part of the series’s sixteenth story arc, known as the Universe 0 arc. The next installment is expected to drop on January 18, 2023.

More importantly, it will be released in Japan at the stroke of midnight.

In addition, the following times and dates are set for its worldwide release:

  • Pacific Standard Time: 9 am
  • Central Standard Time: 11 am
  • Eastern Standard Time: 12 pm
  • British Standard Time: 5 pm
  • Central European Time: 4 pm
  • Indian Standard Time: 8:30 pm
  • Korean Standard Time: Midnight
  • Philippine Time: 11 pm
  • Australia Central Standard Time: 12:30 am

Edens Zero Chapter 223: Where Can You Read And How?

Edens Zero is serialized on Amazon Kindle, ComiXology, and Crunchyroll, where you can read all the chapters so far and preorder the next one.