Eleceed Chapter 231 Release Information, Spoilers, and More

Son Jae-ho writes and Zenha illustrates the ongoing manhwa serial Eleceed.

The series centers on Seo Jiwoo, a young guy with lightning reflexes who runs into Kayden, a secret agent trapped in the body of a cat, while on the run.


Eleceed Chapter 230: Quick Review

Jiwoo was previously seen to be envious of Ian Patrick because the latter had not yet learned to master his powers.

Furthermore, Ian cautions Jiwoo to be wary of Jurion since he may not be what he seems to be.

Eleceed Chap 231: What’s Next?


We anticipate a new threat in the next episode as a result of what happened in the last one, but no spoilers have been revealed as of yet.

In addition, Jiwoo’s private training may help him rediscover his inner strength. On the other hand, Kayden is keeping an eye on his student’s training to make sure he doesn’t overdo it.

It’s possible that this chapter will also explain why Jurion is using his brother to get in touch with Jiyoung.

Date of Publication for Eleceed Chapter 231

We anticipate the release of Eleceed Chapter 231 on February 1, 2023. Midnight local time in Korea is the official release time.

The following times and dates are set for worldwide releases:

  • PST: 9am
  • CST: 11am
  • EST: Noon
  • BST: 5pm
  • IST: 9.30 pm
  • SST: midnight
  • Philippines Standard Time: midnight
  • ACST: 2am

Eleceed Chap 231: Which Sites To Read?

Naver’s official website will soon have the English translation of the next chapter of Eleceed. You’ll need a subscription to access the chapter, though.

As an added bonus, you can read all the previous episodes of this manhwa series on the Webtoons app as well as right here on this site.