Ep 4 of Technoroid Overmind: Emotions in Circuitry!  Date of Publication and Outline

A robot’s “heart” is made of circuitry and code rather than flesh and blood. Not air, but information and energy are pumped about. The heart may be broken, but it continues to beat with fervor and resolve. Previously in the show, Kite couldn’t understand how callous androids could touch the lives of so many people. In contrast to most androids, Cobalt and his siblings do not fit that mold. The word “heart” is defined in their systems, and Officer Bora has uncovered the code. That they have feelings?

Esora and his android family will continue their Babel preparations next time on Technoroid Overmind. However, a new dispute has arisen with an adversarial party.

Technoroid Overmind

What Happens Next in Technoroid Overmind, Episode 4?

Technoroid Overmind 4 has yet to receive a title. The storyline, however, will focus on Cobalt, Kei, Neon, and Chrom as they undergo training in the derelict Babel tower. There is no more money available. As well as the cost of their upkeep. That’s why they’re going to give it their all in order to take home the babel prize. But Kite is their main competitor. What’s more, it’ll be fascinating to observe how Kite disproves the theory that emotionless androids may triumph.

In the meantime, Officer Bora has discovered some mysterious encryption on the four androids. Cobalt and his siblings have a moral code embedded in them, but why? As an added twist, no one seems to know who the true owners are. These past three episodes have set up a strong suspicion that Professor Shibaura is working on an android-related project. Is it possible that he actually owned it all along? Why, therefore, has he spent so much time creating highly sophisticated robots with the ability to understand emotions? In the fourth episode, a lot of things will be revealed.

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A Brief Review!

When we last saw Esora, she had taken Cobalt’s old job in Episode 3 of Technoroid Overmind. That meant he would no longer be completely isolated. Cobalt, Neon, Chrom, and Kei were initially taken aback by the revelation that Esora required several meals every day. Eliza, however, ordered that the play be halted while he ate. In the meantime, Esora received a call from the local police department. A short check had been requested of the androids by Officer Bora, so they were called in. Following the results of the examination, he released them. Esora inquired as to the matter at hand. Bora, though, insisted that he need not respond.

In the meantime, Esora saw a young woman staring at the Tower of Babel. The girl, however, passed out and collapsed to the floor. The rescue was immediately joined by Cobalt and others. Her rescuers rushed her to the emergency room. She turned out to be Kite’s sister in the end of the story. Kite showed up to express gratitude for their assistance. As soon as he realized they were androids, however, he forbade them from harming his sister, Nagi. After he left, Nagi reminded everyone that Kite had valid reasons to despise robots and to not give them any more thought. A robot accident was the cause of death for both of their parents, as shown in a flashback.

Technoroid Overmind

In addition, Nagi mentioned that she was interested in seeing his brother perform on stage at the Tower of Babel. She yearned to be released from the hospital. However, several of Nagi’s organs have been absent ever since the accident. This means she can’t go anywhere until all the organs have been transplanted. Kite’s brother, however, does not have access to such resources and hence cannot afford an organ transplant. That’s why he’s able to work as a performer at the Babel Tower. The request was granted with a performance by Cobalt, Esora, and others in the hospital. Bora’s discovery of an anomaly in the androids’ software marked the end of the episode.

When Will Ep 4 of Technoroid Overmind Be Available?

There are numerous unanswered questions about the story’s plot. It appears that most people are familiar with the names Cobalt, Neon, Kei, and Chrom. They secretly assisted the hospital’s androids succeed in their tasks without telling anyone about it. The fourth episode of Technoroid Overmind will be available on January 25, 2023.