Episode 5 Of Strongest Exorcist In Another World: Seika’s Real Identity! Launch Date

Fans are anticipating Strongest Exorcist in Another World Episode 5 with great anticipation after learning about the main character’s abilities. Seika’s father was told that he had been brought about twelve years earlier by a lady. If Seika is a human or a demonic being, Seika’s father wonders. His father decides to reveal that he has a mistress despite everything. He also adds that Seika is his child. Seika has black hair as well as black eyes. These qualities are unusual in the country Seika and his father live in. More intriguing details about Seika will surface as the series progresses. Continue reading to find out more about the upcoming episode.

Seika’s lack of magic is demonstrated through the Measuring Ceremony. His father immediately assumes that he is an ordinary young child. However, Seika uses fire magic during training. The flames of the fire weren’t like other flames. They stood out from one another in a big way. The episode spoilers are now available without further ado.

Strongest Exorcist In Another WorldStrongest Exorcist In Another World Episode 5: What Will Occur After That?

Episode 5 of Strongest Exorcist in Another World will focus on “Meiberu Kurein.” It would check to see if the instructor was conscious of the dungeon’s transformation. The magic circle is also no longer present. As a result, no one is named as the guilty party. Seika will also meet with Cordell Sensei, who will inform him of the demon races. Later, Cordell’s true identity also appears. Cordell also asserts that he made the circle that Seika would see.

Even masterful mages always died, according to Cordell Sensei. He continues, “Seika will meet the same end.” In his address, Cordell also touches on the method’s shortcomings. Before striking Seika to terminate his life, he tells him everything. Seika, on the other hand, argues that there are actually two disadvantages rather than simply one. He reveals that instead of Amiyu, the curse is currently on a piece of paper.

Strongest Exorcist In Another WorldRecap Of The Prior Episode!

The Strongest Exorcist In Another World Episode 4 was titled “Dungeon Trap.” Cordell Sensei, Efa, and Seika interacted with one another in the episode. Later, Seika and Efa go to Karen Sensei’s class to listen to her talk about dark magic. Karen Sensi also informs them that Amiyu and Efa will be helping out during a party to honor the school’s opening that would be soon. Additionally, the two best freshmen will need to travel to the forest and pay respects to the gigantic temple. Seika, however, is concerned because she considers a forest to be a scary place.

If this practice was stopped, Seika wonders if only one pupil would enter the wilderness. Karen Sensei replies that the third-placed student will just occupy the earlier student’s position. Seika just so happens to be the third-rank student. Hearing this, Seika tells Efa to go right away. Seika’s antics have convinced everyone in the class that he is nothing more than a haughty lord.

Strongest Exorcist In Another WorldEpisode 5 Of Strongest Exorcist In Another World: Schedule

The fact that the most recent episode will continue to be released without interruption will please fans. So, on February 4, 2023, at 3:30 PM JST, the new episode will air. The video will be viewable on Crunchyroll.