Estab-Life Franchise to Debut this April with Anime, Game, and Movie

The “2022 Fuji TV ‘+Ultra’ Lineup Presentation” has announced some pretty interesting anime projects this week, one of them being Estab-Life.

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Helmed by Goro Taniguchi, Estab-Life will receive multiple adaptations like anime, a smartphone game, and an anime movie.

Set in a dystopian world, the description of the series almost reminds me of Divergent as the people are separated into different clusters with little interaction.

The Estab-Life anime will be released in April 2022, and Crunchyroll will stream the series outside Asia. A new trailer has been revealed to tease the different undergoing productions of the franchise:

Estab-Life’s plot shows a world where due to the shrinking world population, people live in clusters. These clusters are divided according to genetically modified populations and are surrounded by walls.

The promotional video shows us the different cities where each cluster is located. We also get a brief glimpse at the major characters of the series.

Staff members of the anime include:

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorHiroyuki HashimotoSlow Start
Series Script Shoji GatohHyou-ka
Character DesignerYūsuke KozakiBubuki Buranki
Music Composer Yoshiaki FujisawaRevue Starlight
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Estab-Life: Unity Memories is the smartphone game adaptation that is being developed by Square Enix. Goro Taniguchi is credited for its original concept, and SSF is credited with the original story.

Likewise, Taniguchi is also directing and writing Estab-Life the Movie: Revengers’ Road. Studio Polygon Pictures will produce both the anime and the anime film.

Fuji TV is aiming this new 3DCG work at a more global audience. The triple adaptation is bound to give it a boost as otakus will stay engaged in the storyline with plenty of material to go through.

Will this be Goro Taniguchi’s next breakthrough after Code Geass? Let’s see if the upcoming anime can survive the tough competition in April.

About Estab-Life

Estab-Life is an anime franchise by Goro Taniguchi. It will be adapted into anime, an anime movie, and a smartphone game.

The anime is based in the distant future where the world population has begun to shrink. To counter this, the Supernatural Renovation Project has split Tokyo into several neighborhoods named Clusters. These clusters are separated by towering walls, and each has its own genetically modified population.

People in these clusters live their lives with little to no interaction with other areas. Only some try to escape their designated clusters and can do so only with the help of a specific outfit.

Source: 2022 Fuji TV ‘+Ultra’ Lineup Presentation

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