Farming Life In Another World Episode 7: A Hospitable Heart! Publication Date

In the previous episode, the community receives a number of unexpected visitors. After deciding the meat should not be squandered, the guests cook up a delicious supper. Parallel to this process, a fresh batch of wine is being created. All of the tourists bring their relatives from the surrounding areas, expanding the population of the community. In Episode 7 of Farming Life in Another World, we’ll find out how the Demon King reacts to the Wyvern’s defeat. Difficulties for Hiraku are beginning to arise gradually, thus this episode should be exciting. In any case, here are the specifics of the next episode.

As of late, a very perilous aspect of this new universe has been uncovered. It would appear that not all is as it seems for Hiraku, even if this new world is full of happiness and goodwill. In the prior episode, a dire situation arises. A fight breaks out as well. Moreover, a monster arrives to ruin Hiraku’s new world. Things look like they’re going to start becoming challenging as the anime goes on. If you want to know more about the upcoming episode, read on!

Farming Life In Another World Episode 7

Farming Life In Another World Episode 7: What Happens Next?

“A Hospitable Heart!” will be the title of Episode 7 of Agricultural Life In Another Planet. In this episode, we learn that the Demon King himself is the one responsible for sending the Wyvern. When he finds that the Wyvern was vanquished, he’ll be taken aback. His advisors told him some sort of strange attack had occurred. Attack caused it to collapse, and eventually kill, it. As the farm has evolved into a community, residents will be given greater responsibility in planning and administration.

Hiraku has assumed the role of mayor of the town. As they were the first to arrive to the farm, Tu and Lia will be Hiraku’s second-in-command in the next episode. Now that there are lots of people willing to work, the community as a whole may flourish. More infrastructure and food supplies will also emerge. In addition, the town will lay the groundwork for its barn or dairy district.

Farming Life In Another World Episode 7

Previous Episode Summary!

Farming Life In Another World Episode 6 of the anime was named “This is a Village”. The story opens in the springtime, when a wyvern attacks the farm. It shoots fireballs at the farm in an attempt to burn it down. Yet its assaults are halted by the barrier. Then, a magic spear appears in Hiraku’s hand, and he has the brilliant idea of using it to halt the monster. He kills the beast, then prepares the meal. The people celebrate the wyvern’s death over a delicious supper, and word of the victory travels to the neighboring kingdom. The elves eventually settle on creating wine and begin crushing the grapes. After then, there are many barrels of wine produced, and a dispute arises over Hiraku’s condition.

The wolves capture Lu’s sister and apologize by giving her a free lunch on the farm. She goes out for a week to do her studies, and then she comes back with servants and cattle. Together with the soldiers and the hens, Tia has returned to the farm. Daga and his lizard companions join the other agricultural workers. Villagers, led by Hiraku, have settled on the moniker “The Big Tree Village.” The villagers then have a party to officially open their new settlement.

Farming Life In Another World Episode 7

Farming Life In Another World Episode 7: Publication Date

On the plus side, there has been no delay in the launch of the new one. This means that the premiere of the next episode will occur on February 17, 2023, at 10 p.m. JST. HiDive users will be able to view it soon.