Fastest Pro Heroes In My Hero Academia

Here is everything you need to know about the fastest pro heroes in My Hero Academia.

Mt. LadyMt. Lady

Mt. Lady’s Quirk falls in the transformation category, it turns her into a gigantic version of herself. Her natural strength is proportionally enhanced. She retains most of her reflexes even after transforming, allowing her to deliver devastating damage with minimal movement.

While Mt. Lady’s speed isn’t improved in her giant state. She can technically move faster than most Pro Heroes as each of her steps corresponds to hundreds of ordinary-sized steps.

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The velocity of Edgeshot’s motion is entirely dependent on his anatomical architecture. At any given moment his Quirk can supposedly transform any part of his body at supersonic speeds.

He mainly uses Foldabody for rapid navigation and pinpoint attacks. Edgeshot can redirect his transformation in such a way that it exponentially augments his momentum. In other words, he can take on shapes that improve his overall aerodynamics.


Endeavor’s Hellflame allows him to generate and control fire, a very common Quirk. Except that it differs from every other fire-based ability in terms of intensity, precision, and degree of control.

Endeavor’s core strength, durability, stamina, and reflexes are products of his training regimen. They all help in mastering the nuances of Hellflame. Endeavor’s running speed is neither known nor relevant because his roster of Super Moves grants him sufficient acceleration boosts to overtake most opponents.

Star And StripeStar And Stripe

Star and Stripe, is a recent introduction in the manga storyline. Survives for a few chapters before eventually perishing at the hands of Tomura/All For One. In the time she spends on-panel, however, Star displays the incomparable majesty of her Quirk, New Order, which basically turns reality into her personal sandbox.

She uses one of her two rules to bolster her raw strength, leaving another free to modify as per the situation. This implies, at least in theory, that Star can simply “order” her body to move at a certain speed.

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All MightAll Might

All Might establish himself as a global icon and the symbol of peace in a country plagued by countless villains, ushering in an era of hope that begins to fray around the start of My Hero Academia.

Although his most notable feature is his strength, his speed is unmatched by anyone in the series; even All For One and Deku in Full Cowl mode pale before All Might in this respect. Unfortunately, the former#1 hero is incapable of mustering either speed or strength anymore.