Find Out Where in the US to Stream Lastman, the Animated Series!

The French animated series Lastman has gained international acclaim for its innovative visual style and compelling narrative. In addition, the story’s fantastic characters will have you turning pages. The anime’s bawdy sense of humor is part of what makes it so enjoyable.

In essence, it’s watchable anime, and many American fans are wondering where they might find it. And we’re here to let you in on how to watch the Lastman series online.

The Last Man is a French web series that is now only viewable in that country. As a prelude to the comics, the show tells the origin story of Richard Aldana, Adran Velba’s mentor.

American Online Video Streaming Services!

Lastman’s first season launched in 2016, and it featured roughly 26 episodes. Season two premiered in 2022, and it will feature around 6 episodes.

Streaming of The Last Man is restricted in some regions. Canal+,, Amazon Prime Video, and ADN Animation Digital Network are the only French streaming services that provide both seasons of the anime at this time.

When can It be Viewed Online Everywhere in the World?

Currently, France is the only country where The Last Man is available via online streaming. Fans all over the world are eager to start streaming the show, but we have no idea when this will be possible.

Until we hear more, all we can do is wait. In the interim, you may read the comic books, which are just as good as the show and helped revive the French comics industry.

The Lastman: Storyline & Themes!

An orphan named Siri is on the run from mysterious and terrifying superhumans in the corrupt metropolis of Paxtown, and boxer Richard Aldana steps in to defend her.

Richard Aldana from the Last Man series
Richard Aldana from the Last Man series

Since its debut, the anime has received widespread acclaim and grown a dedicated following. The show lives up to its genre’s expectations and even helps breathe new life into it. The show’s popularity has boosted France’s animation sector.

The show is about criminals and has supernatural and violent elements. The racy humor is a welcome addition to the series as a whole. It’s excellent at handling gloomy subject matter.


The French comic book series Lastman was co-created by artists Bastien Vivès and Balak. In 2016, an anime prequel spinoff film was created based on the comic.

This prequel tells the story of Richard Aldana, a boxer who saves a young orphan named Siri from a group of enigmatic and terrifying superhumans who are after her.