First Episode Of Onimai I’m Now Your Sister: Things Get Weird? Release Information

Onimai I’m Now Your Sister Episode 1 will eventually air in a day after a protracted wait. Kana Yuuki and Natsumi Hioka are the main characters of the anime, and they appear in every single episode. Fans are also eager to watch how this anime turns out. The opening theme tune for the anime is “Identeitei Meltdown.” Animation and aesthetics for the comedy series are something to look forward to. Twitter users adore the anime’s current pastel color scheme. So, the information regarding the upcoming anime and its premiere episode is provided below.

The manga series’ original author is Nekotofu. The anime is a similar adaptation. There are currently six volumes in the series, which started in 2018. It was released under the Rex Comics label and serialized in Ichijinsha’s Monthly Comic Rex Magazine. For more information on this humorous anime series, keep reading.

Onimai I’m Now Your Sister

What Will Happen In Episode One Of Onimai I’m Now Your Sister?

The first episode will probably focus on Mahiro Oyama’s everyday activities and his relationship with their sister Mihari Oyama. It might center on Mahiro’s early boyish lifestyle and the way Mihari, their sister, manipulates her research. It will be intriguing to observe how Mahiro’s life changes after he transforms into a lady and how he makes his way through it.

It will also be interesting to observe how Mihari tries to rectify this pointless experiment or how long she studies Mahiro. The first episode, however, might also focus on how things would be different for the siblings now and how Mahiro attempts to adjust to having a sister appear out of nowhere after spending her entire childhood with a brother.

Onimai I’m Now Your Sister

What Is The Story Of The Anime?

Mahiro Oyama, the main character of the anime, was formerly a typical guy who enjoyed pornographic video games. But all changes when he unexpectedly transforms into a lady one morning. His sister, the mad scientist, decided to test her experiment on him, which led to his gender switch. Mahiro thought the experiment had produced a disastrous outcome. Mihari, his younger sister, disagrees, arguing that since it was she who came up with the experiment in the first place.

While Mahiro is focused on returning to his life of playing games, Mihari is focused on researching her new sister’s gender switch and the experiment’s success. The anime will follow the siblings’ adventure, and things will undoubtedly be strange.

Onimai I’m Now Your Sister

Release Date For Onimai I’m Now Your Sister Episode 1

Release day for the anime is January 5, 2023. The Japanese AT-X, Tokyo Mx, and BS11 channels will broadcast it. International viewers can anticipate watching it as it streams on Crunchyroll at the same time.