Five Anime Surplus Fans’ Expectations

Here is everything you need to know about the five anime surplus fans’ expectations.

Fruits BasketFruits Basket

Fans were disappointed by the Fruits Basket’s 2001 adaptation and wanted their favorite series handled properly. Luckily, they did a beautiful job producing the reboot. Fans were pleased that it adhered to and improved upon the manga’s art style.

Though it changed the order of certain events, the story still flowed cohesively. After the disappointment of the 2001 adaptation, this reboot went above and beyond fans’ expectations.

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Demon SlayerDemon Slayer

When the Demon Slayer’s anime adaptation was announced, some were concerned that UFOTable wouldn’t have been able to replicate Koyoharu Gotouge’s brilliant artwork. However, the studio went above and beyond and enhanced the series’ unique art style.

Its expert utilization of color makes or breaks certain scenes by evoking specific emotions in the audience. Each slayer’s breathing technique is made to be as flashy as possible, while the demons are portrayed in grim settings to evoke equal amounts of fear and sympathy from the audience.

Attack On TitanAttack on Titan

Attack On Titan’s first three seasons were animated by WIT Studio, while MAPPA handled the final. The voice actors are perfect for each character, and the soundtrack evokes the right emotions from the audience.

Though there were a few pacing issues in the first season, the final season, brought its animation to a new level. Eren’s Founding Titan form looks even more menacing than in the manga.

Komi Can’t CommunicateTop 10 Komi Can't Communicate characters with the best gimmick

Komi Can’t Communicate’s first season exceeded viewers’ expectations after it hit Netflix in October 2021. Though manga’s art style was gorgeous, the anime enhanced everything. The adaptation makes it look like each character is glowing, particularly the protagonist, Shoko Komi.

It also did a great job handling the series’ more comedic scenes. Komi’s chibi form with cat ears has become a mascot for the series at this point. Though a few of the stories from the manga have yet to appear in the anime, it was still a faithful adaptation that pleased manga readers.

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Though the manga was excellent, dedicated fans agree that the anime handles the story better. Each actor helps build their character’s personality and elevates the storyline with their talent.

The series has several anime-original episodes. Fans would typically scoff at and disregard them. But these episodes enhance the series and make viewers fall even more in love with their favorite characters.