Five Best Anime Detectives

Here is everything you need to know about the five best anime detectives.

Sakurako Kujo(Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation)
Sakurako Kujo(Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation)

Having a huge passion for bones, Sakurako loves collecting and reconstructing the bones of dead animals. Given her interest in human bones, Sakurako became an osteologist. Eventually, she develops the same forensic skills her forensic scientist uncle possesses.

Thankfully, Sakurako’s interest in bones complements her genius. Her near-obsession with human bones and her forensics training allows her to spot minute details that investigators often miss. And with more of her mysteries involving decomposing bodies, her knowledge regarding human anatomy has proven useful now more than ever.

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Oriki Hotaru(Hyouka)Oriki Hotaru(Hyouka)

Hyouka isn’t exactly grisly and brutal, unlike its counterparts. Rather, Hyouka explores the life of Oriki Hotaru whose elder sister convinces him to join their school’s Classic Literature Club. Joining him are three others. They are having an ordinary school life until they stumble upon the mystery surrounding the origins of the club.

However, Oriki demonstrates his sheer potential to become a detective when he grows up. Despite his slacker attitude, Oriki has a penchant for solving mysteries. Able to spot details and piece together deductions that had some more enigmatic schoolmates stunned.

Conan Edogawa(Detective Conan)Conan Edogawa(Detective Conan)

Conan Edogawa constantly uses his self-taught deductive skills to solve various mysteries and murders. It plague his adoptive uncle, the washout detective Kogoro Mori.

Despite the hilarious nature of Detective Conan, each of its nearly 1,000 episodes. It proves Conan’s sheer genius in solving cases. Taking cues from Sherlock Holmes and other detectives, Conan manages to spot clues, deduce motives, and recreate scenes of crimes based on what little knowledge he gathers in crime scenes.

Hajime Kindaichi(The Kindaichi Case Files)Hajime Kindaichi(The Kindaichi Case Files)

At first glance, Hajime Kindaichi is lazy, clumsy, and even a bit careless. However, he’s actually the grandfather of the detective Kosuke Kindaichi. This is probably why Hajime is almost always in the middle of various crimes. In The Kindaichi Case Files, Hajime uses his amateur sleuthing skills to solve various unsolvable murders.

Despite his appearance, Hajime possesses 180 IQ and sleight-of-hand skills. Being able to use these talents to catch criminals in the act or even break down argument after argument.

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Near(Death Note)Near(Death Note)

Death Note fans could easily consider Near an investigator with intellectual prowess equal to, or even greater than, his mentor L. Near is introduced alongside his foster brother Mello as a potential successor to L. In L’s death, Near takes on the task of investigating the identity of serial killer Kira.

Although possessing odd traits such as an obsession with toys, Near is much more cunning than his predecessor. Near doesn’t let his lack of social skills impede his progress, as he values results more than anything else.