Five Best Cottagecore Anime

Here is everything you need to know about the five best cottagecore anime.

The Secret World Of ArriettyThe Secret World Of Arrietty

The Secret World of Arrietty absolutely nails the cottage aesthetic. The Clocks are a Borrower family that decorates their home and makes it cozy with tiny items creatively utilized and cobbled together. Arrietty’s room is a dream bedroom with a cozy down quilt, lush flowers, poufs, and hand-built bookshelves.

Some Studio Ghibli fans think that The Secret World of Arrietty is boring. It is not meant to be fast-paced or overly exciting. It’s the perfect watch for winding down. It’s a sweet story with relatively low stakes and gorgeous, heavily detailed landscapes.

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The Saint’s Magic Power Is OmnipotentThe Saint's Magic Power Is Omnipotent

The Saint’s Magic Power Is Omnipotent does have a good dose of gardening scenes. But it mostly focuses on potion-making. Part of the reason the cottagecore aesthetic is so popular is that people en masse are overworked and underpaid in the workforce.

Similarly, Sei’s office job in her previous life left her unfulfilled. In her new life in Salutania, she has a unique role. She can see the fruits of her labor and how they actually help others.

Kiki’s Delivery ServiceKiki's Delivery Service

Kiki’s Delivery Service is about a young witch, but the story is very quiet and caring. The magic lies more in the characters’ artistry than in spells and potions. Osono and Fukuo wake up early in the morning to open the shutters and fire up the ovens in their bakery.

Kiki’s painter friend Ursula lives a version of a desirable cottagecore life. She spends her days observing nature and painting to her heart’s desire in her cottage in the woods. Her perspective on rest is vital for Kiki when her magic disappears because of her burnout.

Flying WitchFlying Witch

The premise of Flying Witch isn’t original, but that doesn’t matter. Many love the trope of a witch traveling to hone her witchy skills and independence as they come of age.

Makoto makes mistakes and gets tangled in magical hijinks, but the series never loses its peaceful, joyful tone. Though the series is often compared to Kiki’s Delivery Service. It also has even more of a consistent Iyashikei tone than Kiki does.

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Laid Back CampLaid Back Camp

Laid Back Camp has the perfect Iyashikei feel to it. The premise revolves around Rin and a group of girls who all love camping in the woods and mountains.

Laid Back Camp takes plenty of time to feature the natural setting, sounds, and phenomena. It gives the audience an opportunity to breathe. From snuggling in a warm blanket to stewing up a cup of ramen. Laid Back Camp lets the audience appreciate the small and lovely things in life.