Five Best Endings Of One Piece

Here is everything you need to know about the five best endings of One Piece.

Eternal Pose by Asia EngineerEternal Pose by Asia Engineer

Eternal Pose is an ending that starts on episode 231 which is right at the beginning of the Water 7 arc. It’s fair to say that up to this point, the Straw Hats have already been on quite the adventure.

The side-scrolling visual style as the ending progresses is a very clever way of depicting the passage of time over the course of the story. When paired with the upbeat lo-fi hip-hop style of Asia Engineer, it makes for a fun ending that also serves as a reminder of everything the Straw Hats had been through before meeting Franky.

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Souchinosuke by Suitei-ShoujoSouchinosuke by Suitei-Shoujo

The character designs featured in the fourth ending, Souchinosuke, are truly unlike anything we see in the show itself. On top of that, the ending even drops a few hints to Robin who, at that point, was still being depicted as a villain.

There’s even a long shot at the very end displaying the faces of all the major villains. The moody noir aesthetic of this ending helps it stand out from the rest. Suitei-Shoujo’s catchy vocals only help to make it even more memorable and iconic.

Mirai Koukai by Tackey & TsubasaMirai Koukai by Tackey & Tsubasa

The Long Ring Long Island arc isn’t exactly very serious in its tone. Being one of the more comedic portions of the story where the crew must compete in a Davy Back Fight against the Foxy Pirates.

While Luffy struggles to eat his chunk of meat in peace while trying to avoid a ravenous bird. Robin is admiring a gothic castle, Nami is being chased by a love-struck Sanji. Zoro is surrounded by penguins who have decided to integrate him into the colony. This ending really is as hilarious as it sounds.

Glory by Takako UeharaGlory by Takako Uehara

There are so many things to love about this ending. It’s the vibrant synths that are seamlessly layered over Takako Uehara’s amazing singing voice. The beautiful illustrations of a troubled Vivi looking at her kingdom from afar.

What takes this ending to another level is how much it focuses on the spirit of the crew. Especially near the end when each of them passes by Vivi.

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RUN! RUN! RUN! by Maki Otsuki"</h5

No ending screams adventure and excitement quite like this part. As soon as the ending begins, Maki Otsuki’s uplifting and vibrant vocals grab the viewer’s attention immediately. With this song being one of the most memorable tracks in all of One Piece, and that’s including the openings too.

As viewers see each of the Strawhats run across the screen as kids with their pasts flashing behind them. The visuals then switch to the present crew coming together to enjoy a meal. All of this comes together to create an incredibly heartwarming visualization of the sense of adventure that drives the Strawhats forward.