Five Gojo’s Cursed Techniques

Here is everything you need to know about the five Gojo’s cursed techniques.

Black Flash TechniqueBlack Flash Technique

Black Flash is a technique that more than doubles the destructive power of the user’s physical hit. The user’s cursed energy flashes black, and the user becomes increasingly aware of their cursed energy.

To achieve Black Flash it requires an incredible amount of concentration and cannot be done at will. It is assumed that Kento Nanami holds the record for consecutive uses of Black Flash.

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Six Eyes Is Gojo’s Inherited TraitSix Eyes Is Gojo's Inherited Trait

Little is known about Six Eyes except that the wielder can use it to master the Limitless techniques. Six Eyes grants the user incredible perception, allowing them to manipulate cursed energy at the atomic level. It increases Gojo’s mental prowess, allowing him to calculate, analyze, and formulate an attack within a matter of seconds.

He can read the flow of cursed energy to identify a target or predict where an attack is coming from. It allows Gojo to access his power at its full potential, it also puts a strain on him and can tire him out easily. He keeps his eyes covered to reduce the drawbacks.

Unlimited VoidUnlimited Void

The Unlimited Void is the space of the Limitless, void of anything. In this space, an enemy is overwhelmed with limitless information.

The target does not have enough time to process the information flying at them and their brain eventually shuts down. The victim is paralyzed by the experience and enters a catatonic state, as they slowly die.

Hollow Technique: PurpleHollow Technique: Purple

The user of Hollow Technique: Purple must merge the convergent forces of Blue and the divergent forces of Red. When the two are combined, both infinities collide creating an imaginary mass that takes the target out of reality.

The size of the purple orb varies depending on its use and intended purpose. The technique is so powerful that only a select few members of the Gojo family know about it.

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Reverse Cursed TechniqueReverse Cursed Technique

The reverse Cursed Technique is one of the must convert negative cursed energy into positive energy. The process is actually quite difficult and few sorcerers have mastered the technique. The main application of the Reverse Cursed Technique is to heal.

Gojo can use the Reverse Cursed Technique to heal his wounds during a fight. He perfected the technique after he was almost killed by Toji Fushiguro. He can also apply his Reverse Cursed Technique to fuel his Limitless Technique.