Five Saddest Deaths In Naruto

Here is everything you need to know about the five saddest deaths in Naruto.

Rin NoharaRin Nohara

Seeing Rin Nohara die at Kakashi’s hand triggers Obito’s descent into despair. Despite her limited screen time, she’s revealed to have more of an impact on both her teammates than it seemed. Rin was a cheerful, level-headed medical ninja that Obito had feelings for.

She vows to watch over Obito until he grows stronger, but he “dies” before she can fulfill her promise. His reunion with Rin is unpleasant and devastating. He’s forced to watch Kakashi kill her for what seems to be no reason. He realizes much later that Rin was forced to become the Three-Tails Jinchuriki. Rather than be used as a tool to harm her village, Rin bravely steps in front of Kakashi’s Chidori, forcing him to kill her.

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Gaara undergoes significant character development. Evolving from a bloodthirsty killer into an honorable and capable Kazekage. Fans were devastated after Gaara’s capture, Tailed Beast extraction, and death at the Akatsuki’s hands.

The Kazekage died protecting the Sand Village from the terrorist bomber, Deidara. Seeing this was especially emotional since Gaara had just turned over a new leaf. After meeting and fighting with Naruto, he became a more caring individual who could trust others.

Asuma SarutobiAsuma Sarutobi

Asuma Sarutobi was a skilled shinobi with a horrible cigarette addiction. Throughout the anime, he’s seen nurturing his students – Shikamaru Nara, Choji Akimichi, and Ino Yamanaka. Although a difficult job, Asuma successfully brings out the best in his students.

Despite his impressive skills as a Jonin, Asuma is brutally murdered by the Akatsuki member Hidan. He dies in Shikamaru’s arms, but not before leaving an encrypted message about protecting the “king.”

Neji HyugaNeji Hyuga

After meeting and battling Naruto, Neji Hyuga also went through impressive character growth. Like Gaara, he started off as an unlikeable minor antagonist. Arrogant but tactful, Neji resented being a member of the Hyuga clan’s sacrificial branch family.

Thanks to this revelation, Neji promised to self-reflect, heal from his trauma, and work hard to become stronger and protect his loved ones. Neji became the strongest member of the Hyuga Clan on his own merits and died protecting Hinata and Naruto.

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A world-famous author, Legendary Sannin, and Toad Sage, Jiraiya was revered throughout the ninja world. The Sannin was Naruto’s most influential mentor. Like a father figure, he guided Naruto through his complicated life and made him stronger.

Jiraya died battling Pain but successfully acquired the information he needed for his eventual defeat. In his dying moments, Jiraiya reflected on his life. He believed he contributed little to the world before putting his faith in Naruto, “the chosen one.” The ninja world wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Jiraiya the Gallant’s sacrifice, making his the most emotional death in Naruto.