Five Survival Anime Set In Harsh And Unforgiving Worlds

Here is everything you need to know about the five survival anime set in harsh and unforgiving worlds.

The Future DiaryThe Future Diary: Five Survival Anime Set In Harsh And Unforgiving Worlds

The theories of time and space overlap with a bloody game of survival. The Future Diary series follows the life of Yukiteru Amano, who discovers that his phone can predict the future, an ability the god of time and space granted him.

With this ability, he is forced into a lethal game of death with players like himself with the same power, pitting one against another to determine the next god of time and space. The series displays a combination of violent and psychological tropes, giving it an odd feeling of terror.

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Attack On TitanAttack On Titan: Five Survival Anime Set In Harsh And Unforgiving Worlds

Shut off on Paradis Island from the rest of the world, living in constant fear of death by man-eating titans. To say such an environment is harsh might be an understatement, as is the reality of Attack on Titan, and the series establishes the concept of survival very early.

Set in a fantasy world, it follows the protagonist, Eren Yeager, who vows an oath of extermination of all Titans after his mother’s death. The series tells a compelling tale of violence, bloodshed, and politics in a world of constant death.


Gantz takes the mysteries of death up a notch. Individuals who die suddenly find themselves in an unsettling situation in the presence of a mysterious entity known as Gantz. This entity then forces these individuals to partake in bloody death matches.

Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato, who died unexpectedly, become a part of this frantic game of death. Facing off against deadly opponents, they strive to survive the hellish activities by any means necessary.

Deadman WonderlandDeadman Wonderland

A prison and circus rolled into one sounds quite ludicrous, and it’s precisely the case with Deadman Wonderland. The protagonist, Ganta Igarashi, is supposed to visit the Deadman Wonderland with his classmates. They are suddenly massacred by a mysterious person covered in red, leaving Ganta as the only survivor.

Ganta is thrust into a world of inhuman experiments, death games, and blood abilities as an inmate. With only the thought of survival, Ganta navigates the hellish ordeals of the prison with the hope of discovering the truth about the mysterious Red Man.

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Ryouka Sakamoto finds himself in a real-life adaptation of his favorite video game. Trapped alone on an unknown island with only basic supplies. Ryouka finds that fantasies should only remain as fantasies.

Faced with the fact that it’s now killed or be killed, Ryouka must use all his skills to find a way to stay alive in this game of death. Btooom! Presents viewers with some sort of battle royale feel. Thus highlighting the primal instinct of every living thing: survival.