Gold Kingdom and Water Kingdom Franchise Releases New Character Videos

A beautiful and heartwarming tale of two people who overcome prejudice and unite their countries, “Gold Kingdom and Water Kingdom.” This is the book for you if you like happy endings and romances between countries at war with each other.

Recently, an anime adaptation of this manga was released, and the trailers will blow your mind and transport you to a different world. As a result, we were curious about the animators’ process, and the team kindly explained it to us.

Workers on the Gold Kingdom and Water Kingdom anime have released a making-of video that provides an inside look at the production process. It takes us behind-the-scenes to see how our favorite cartoons get their start.

In this 5-minute clip, you can see the film’s production facility and watch a teaser for the upcoming movie. Kotono Watanabe helms, with Mizuka Takahashi as character designer and chief animation director and Tomoyuki Shimizu as art director.

Each of the three is painstakingly outlining the steps and effort that went into creating just one scene. If you love anime, this video will deepen your love for it.

The franchise has released two character videos, one each for Naranbayar and Sara, in addition to the behind-the-scenes clips.

Start off with the Naranbayar character introduction video from Water Kingdom, the country’s brightest young man. From the time he first started college until the day he married Sara, Naranbayar spent his days buried in books.

As an added bonus, he has a positive demeanor and is well-liked by people of all ages. It’s also established that Naranbayar goes out of his way to help others and uses his quick wit to figure out how to fix their problems.

Sara, the daughter of the Gold Kingdom’s king, is the focus of the second character animation. Sara has always been a good sport about the jokes her sisters, who know she is an illegitimate child, like to make.

After meeting Naranbayar, however, everything changes for the better, and the couple eventually gets married to preserve peace between their countries. She didn’t realize that fate had other plans and that they would eventually fall in love with each other.

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There will be a premiere for this film on January 27, 2023 in Japan, and I hope you’ve already purchased your tickets.

Keep an eye out for upcoming updates regarding its worldwide rollout.

Gold Kingdom and Water Kingdom Newsbild
Gold Kingdom and Water Kingdom Newsbild

Gold Kingdom and Water Kingdom

The author of the manga Gold Kingdom and Water Kingdom is the talented Nao Iwamoto, who specializes in romantic fantasy. In 2014, the manga debuted.

Two kingdoms have been at odds for a long time. Sara, a princess from one kingdom, and Naranbayar, a young man from the other, decide one day to play at being a couple for the sake of peace between their countries.

But as their journey progresses, the two begin to develop romantic feelings for one another.