Grand Theft Auto VI file size rumored to be 750GB, says leaker

Given the absolute secrecy maintained by Rockstar Games regarding the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI, it is remarkable how much information fans have been able to unravel. Unfortunately, we can only figure out whether or not these are indeed true when the much anticipated game finally comes out.

A GTA leaker has revealed that Grand Theft Auto VI will have an absurd file size measuring up to 750GB. It will consist of 400 hours worth of gameplay. For comparison, Microsoft’s Flight Simulator has a download size of 190GB.

Grand Theft Auto VI file size rumored to be 750GB, says leaker
GTA VI Leaked File Size | Source: Twitter
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Obviously, this is an insanely huge game but it is also somewhat reasonable for a Grand Theft Auto title. However, it is a point of concern for those struggling with storage space. Fans might have to resort to additional storage options in order to play the game or clear up their PCs/consoles to make space.

System files usually take up a chunk of storage space in consoles. For example, the PS5 has an internal hard drive of 825GB SSD out of which almost 158GB is reserved for system files. This leaves behind just 667GB for games.

A recently leaked screenshot of a city in GTA VI revealed a large-scale open world setting. This just goes on to show exactly how massive the game can be. Nevertheless, when the game finally releases, players will be left marveling at its grandeur.

Although 750GB might sound unreasonable for a game, Grand Theft Auto VI will be one of the most iconic titles ever made. For such a feat, an insane file size is hardly the matter for concern. Keep in mind that any rumor should not be believed blindly without just cause.

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About GTA VI

GTA VI also known as Grand Theft Auto VI is the sixth installment to the Grand Theft Auto series.

Grand Theft Auto games are known for their Open World aspect giving players the freedom to do anything and everything possible. The last game to this franchise was the GTA V game which came out in 2013 for consoles.

Licensed under Rockstar Games, GTA VI is currently in development and no information on its release date has been confirmed yet.

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